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This Alpha game is retro dungeon crawling at it's best. 8bit sounds and music bring you deep into a world of dungeon exploration where each game is a new experience!

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It's cool, but it crashed on me right off the bat.. I was at an alchemy table and tried to exit the menu with X and BAM! crash.

The graphics, interface and sound place my thoughts back to picking up an old game boy. It captures that essence nicely.

Unfortunately, the controls are a let down. They are unintuitive and a bit buggy. Why give the option to do something in a menu, but you can't actually use it? I think that this would be a good game provided there was more polish to the controls.


The visuals I don't mind at all. A silly thing to complain about with this type of game, really. What bothers me is the horribly clunky UI. It's a chore just to work my way through my inventory, equip, inspect items, etc. My time with the demo didn't even show stats for any items when inspecting them, leading me to wonder what the differences between weapons are. Just to see what an item is I have to pick it up, hold a button, scroll over, select it, select inspect, and then I'm rewarded with an cut-off item title and no stats. Maybe there are no stats on items, which seems awfully bland to me. Regardless, the visuals are not what is holding this game back in my opinion. You can keep the old school look while using a more modern UI.

The menu screen runs super slow. Didn't grab me at all.


I do like this kind of game, but the visuals in this one discouraged my interest, and then it crashed a few steps into the dungeon when I tried to use an Alchemy table. As much as I hate overbearing tutorials, this game needs a few. A new coat of paint and a little bit a guidance could help this a lot.

No Instructions Given.
Readme : Dl.dropbox.com
The Admin gave it too me , Thx btw
Game definettely needs full screen ( F4 is Fullscreen thx for the help )
And Plz remove that escape closes the game it's just irritating.
Overall just a cool classic game although im not really into stuff like this.


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