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A unique adventure game full of exploratory expeditions to the various underground worlds on different planets.

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Minaurs is a deep strategy and puzzle game where you guide a Minaur to rescue other Minaurs.

The UI does a poor job of explaining the games functions, so give yourself around an hour to learn how to play. But once it clicks, you have a very deep and engaging game. You don't control your Minaur directly. It wanders around in a manner similar to the lemming's games.

You mine a path for it but the game is much more complex than just that. Every planet has a variety of hazard and creatures that interact with each other and your Minaur in different ways. You can pit some species against each other for example, and each creature has its own quirks and weaknesses.

You will gain prestige by playing and completing challenges, and you can lose prestige by getting failures. There are a large variety of challenges and failures and it's important to keep track of both. Prestige unlocks skills for your Minaur that can be bought with skill points. These give you even more strategical options to employ.

Minaurs was my #discoverIndies choice for February, check out my showcase of it below.


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