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Metagolf is a mini-golf game with multiple challenges. Up to 4 players can compete on the same screen, sharing the same golf ball and the same goals. Team up for loads of fun with friends or play alone to improve the accuracy of your swing across 3 different platforms (Windows, Mac Os X and Linux). More focused on action and real time strategies than a traditional mini-golf, discover full interactive environments from fish ponds to breakable chains and deadly traps. Thanks to his built-in level editor, you can create, share and download new courses. Currently available in two languages, English and French, Metagolf let you reuse any provided content or make new one from various media to create your very own world. Change the realistic physical system behaviour or combine any game mode with exiting different type of golf ball. The choice of setting your own game play preferences is entirely yours !

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Hyeron says

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As of the time of this review, the game is still beta, so take this into account.
Metagolf is... not golf. It's a guerrilla platformer using golf as an excuse to play dirty with your friend(s).

Think Soldat. Worms in real time. Something like that.

Add a golf ball, a hole, a par, tees and putters.

Add a good dose of improbable contraptions, snails, multicasting on your screen.

Mix it all with a varied and bright soundtrack, sweet colorful graphics, and you'll have the core of the game.

Not satisfied yet? It also sports a built-in editor. Like, a WYSIWYG editor, available by pressing a simple key in-game.

Truth be told, Metagolf is /almost/ flawless. The only negative (and even then, for very specific causes which will probably change in time) comes from the /huge/ possibilities of the editor. There's so much you can do, and the documentation for it is one overly long text file you'd most likely want to print for use (if you want your sanity left intact, that is). Not that much of a problem in fact: as one would expect the focus of the game is on development at the moment, and once you master it you'll probably forget about the docs soon enough. Apart from that, I have yet to see the game crash or behave strangely, and multiplayer is very fun, if limited to local (on the same computer, to be exact). You can play with friends and kids alike, it's suitable for everyone. Keep an eye on this one, it's very good already, and will certainly become even better as time goes by.

This is excellent. On its own, the platforming element of MetaGolf would make a good game. The same is true for the sidescrolling Golf gameplay, which on its own, would make a decent game. The amalgamation of the two works terribly well, and as a result, this game is actually one of the best indies I've played in a while, even though it's still in development.


RadGH says

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Eh, it would be a cool game on the wii with a couple of friends while you're drunk. Alot of the physics and design are just weird. I don't know what to think about this game, but I'll probably never play it again.




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