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Metagolf is a mini-golf game with multiple challenges. Up to 4 players can compete on the same screen, sharing the same golf ball and the same goals. Team up for loads of fun with friends or play alone to improve the accuracy of your swing across 3 different platforms (Windows, Mac Os X and Linux). More focused on action and real time strategies than a traditional mini-golf, discover full interactive environments from fish ponds to breakable chains and deadly traps. Thanks to his built-in level editor, you can create, share and download new courses. Currently available in two languages, English and French, Metagolf let you reuse any provided content or make new one from various media to create your very own world. Change the realistic physical system behaviour or combine any game mode with exiting different type of golf ball. The choice of setting your own game play preferences is entirely yours !

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A small update to include a few requested features :-)

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Splash image for Beta 6 of Metagolf

Here's the change log for this small update:

  • Added Mt. Hollow Multiplayer Level
  • Added Ramshackle Multiplayer Level
  • Added Level Editor - Clone shortcut - ALT + Right Mouse Click
  • Added Level Box & Dialog Box OpenOnTouch
  • Added German & Spanish Language to Dialog Box
  • Changed Click objects is now impossible while scrolling the screen
  • Fixed Particles position while zooming
  • Fixed Loading Screen
  • Fixed Open Level Box while Scrolling
  • Fixed Level Box & Dialog Box Hitbox size

What it’s all about ?

Metagolf is a platform action game for 1 to 4 players.
It’s like Mini-Golf but crazier since everyone is playing at the same time with the same golf ball. Unlock interactive championship courses with creatures, puzzles and 7 different kind of balls or team-battle on the same computer through physic based obstacles and mazes.

The game is available in English and French. There is a level editor to create new courses but also change the visuals, sounds and physics of it!

Let’s recap :D

  • Genre: Platform game
  • Sub-genre: Mini-Golf
  • Screenshots & videos
  • Main idea: When a player touch the golf ball it takes the color of his team. Player can walk with the ball since only counts the number of shooting. You win the game if a golf ball of your color reach the hole/target.
  • Price: At least 4$ while in Beta – 8$ in final version.
  • Release date: ~ August 2012
  • Where to buy: Here (Beta: There)
  • Social Network: Facebook, Twitter, www.metagolf.net
  • Unique features:
    • Real Physics
    • Puzzles, Obstacles & Mazes
    • Real time gameplay – No turn-based or boring rules
    • Single player & Local Multiplayer
    • Support xBox 360 controller, joypad, analogic joystick, mouse & keyboard
    • Interactive environment – Destructible scenery, water, falling platforms, gravity fields, teleporter, wind, conveyor-belt, creatures,…
    • Level Editor – Allow you to customize graphics, sounds, physics and share everything
    • 7 types of Golf ball – Normal, Bouncy, Sticky, Death, Cubic, Rugby, Hedgehog
    • A 18 holes championship and 12 arenas courses in the final version.
    • Feature 22 quality soundtracks
    • Replay-value : Many combinations of settings available for each level
    • Languages : English & French
    • Available for Windows / Mac Os / Linux
  • What’s missing:
    • At least 6 Multiplayer courses
    • If sales allow me to do so I would like to hire an artist to improve the graphic quality of the game (more players, better tiles, …).

Who create Metagolf ?

Image of ARm42 Logo
Michaël Lievens
It is now more than 3 years that I’m working on this project alone with my own savings.
I’m currently jobless but pursue a consuming desire for a career in video games. I’m available all over the world !

The idea behind Metagolf was to build a modern in-house game engine allowing me to produce more ambitious and great games in the future. Now that the project is getting mature, I hope you will welcome this first title and enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it after all these years.

I also would like to thanks anyone on the Internet who recently made a nice review or video preview of Metagolf

The final word

I am looking for a publisher or anything that could help me in my adventure so don’t hesitate to contact me here or at info@metagolf.net.

Thank you !

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