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Message Quest is a tiny stained-glass point-n-click adventure about laziness and her herald.

This game is about a lazy guy. One day, his evil employer makes him work, and that’s where everything starts to go awry.

And yes, this lazy dude is a herald. You may actually know a few heralds, those guys who appear at the beginning of every story, looking for the hero in an attempt to deliver that “call to adventure” thingy, right before the interesting stuff starts to happen. That’s exactly the job our guy must do. Find a hero, give him or her a call to adventure, and be done with it. No exploits, no saving the world stuff. What can possibly go wrong?


  • Point-n-click part - you know, just good old common adventure gameplay. Sometimes it’s even logical.
  • Indirect control - since our herald is lazy, getting him to move is no easy feat. You’ll have to use the environment and your wit to get the guy to actually do things.
  • Puzzles - some of them are traditional and even familiar, some are not.
  • JRPG-style bossfights - oh, these you must discover for yourself!

These additional items may not be gameplay per se, but they sure are unique storytelling mechanics:

  • Dialogs for both parties - you’ll get to choose both the main character’s sentences and his counterpart’s reply as well. Because everyone’s important!
  • Bursting speech bubbles - these evil creatures can make you cry, but we beg you, give them a chance.

And one more thing - the game is really tiny. About an hour or so. Sorry, we just couldn't get the lazy guy to work for more than an hour.

And here is our page on Greenlight!

Site - Message-quest.com
Twitter - Twitter.com
Facebook - Facebook.com
Vkontakte - Vk.com

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We almost there! Message Quest will be availible on Steam on 22 October! Horaaayyyy!
Here is our Steam Page in Upcoming!

It took us about 2 years to make this game. Our first indie project. We started it on GamesJam - a development festival in 2014, but only in December 2014 we took things seriously.

In September we've been gleenlit, and now we are preparing for release. The game is rather small - about hour and a half, and it will cost $2,99.

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Message Quest Demo

Message Quest Demo


Message Quest is a tiny stained-glass point-n-click adventure about laziness and her herald. Here is the Demo - 4 levels from 16, about 15 minutes long.

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