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Menagerie is a game that revolves around four odd people who are tasked with saving their planet from an incoming alien invasion. However the plot takes several unexpected turns and as you near the event horizon you begin to realize that the Armada is only one of the threats to existence. Its gameplay is comprised of both turn-by-turn battles typical to JRPG's, action battle scenes more similar to action games and hectic minigames or events which should keep you occupied, the game also boasts a deep alchemy system with an obsessive gathering system to supplement it. Can you think of another game where you can strip beds, loot, destroy and salvage what remains of fridges, cupboards, stoves, sinks, pillars, statues, barrels, urns, crates and less absurd things? No, I didn't think so.

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Surprisingly good game!
Many games are trying so hard to be funny and cool and they fail miserably, while this one succeeds brilliantly, its both funny and fun to play. Music score is excellent too.

best game ever they shud make more free RPGs and for me this is the best one jet


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