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Medieval Times - The tales of Heroes is a 2D, Medieval, Rogue-Like, RPG, Adventure game. It takes place in a corrupted world, where you have to defeat the evil leader and save the world! The world connsist of four diffrent zones, Forest, Desert, Jungle and Snow. There is one more zone but it is not of this world, which is called the Shadow Realm which is where the corruption comes from. You play as a character and you get to choose a class out of 3 diffrent attributes, Power, Dexterity and Mind.

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Hello there!

If you see this, then you might have been some what interested in what this game is and where it currently is.

Well, at the moment the game is in early development... very early and there are alots of things that still needs to be figured out. We only have somewhat of a gameplay and some enemies. But I'm planing on continuing to work on this game for some time just to see where it will get me, but I can't promise anything for the future of this game, sadly.

I'll upload some images soon, so that you'll see some of the new art.

That is all I wanted to say, if anyone is interested and wants to know something about the game, just send me a message and I'll respond in due time.

- Warmountain

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