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Soon on Steam:

Meawja is an action platform game with 8-bit style graphics where you take the role of a black cat. Your objective is to face the Master's Challenge in order to become a ninja. You will slash and cut your way through caves, dungeons, deserts and more, all this with colorful retro graphics inspired by classic NES games. In this arduous journey, you'll meet friends and foes while facing numerous dangers to prove your worth.
Gameplay is based on old-school games, being simple and direct, so the player skill is what makes the difference between victory and defeat.
This game is the first big project from Galope Team, formed by two developers who are passionate about games.

  • Five stages

    Every stage is split into substages (1-1, 1-2) and there's where you will have your checkpoints: at their very beginning. All of them have unique art, enemies and hazards, and of course bosses and mini bosses. Can you defeat them all?

  • Infinite lives

    There's no life counter, so you can try as many times as you want. On the other hand, you only have 7 energy points, so every damage is dangerous. Be careful!

  • Cinematics

    The game will have cinematics for a better storytelling, following the NES classic styles. Even simple, the story will have a challenging journey and charming characters.

  • Original Soundtrack

    Every music in the game (like everything else) is original and will be available for download.

  • Classic control style

    Back in the days, video-games had just a few buttons. You jump, you attack and toss shurikens. It's all you need!

  • Power Ups

    In your way to becoming a true ninja, you will learn new secret techniques. But to use them you will need to prove your valor!

  • Secrets!

    There are many secrets hidden out there. Can you find them all?

  • Steam

    Achievements, cards, and medals are on the way.

  • Cheat codes (oh, you!)

    If you look hard enough you can find some cheat codes to skip a stage or two. Who knows what else you can find?

  • Controller support

    Play with your keyboard and mouse or with an Xbox controller. Pretty fancy, huh?

  • Extra content

    We planned some extra content but will be always free. A comic is one of them!

You can follow the development through our dev blog or our Facebook page! Links below:

For more information about the project, please contact us by the following e-mail, we will be happy to reply:


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Start Animation2

Greetings, ninjas!

First of all, do not worry, Meawja project is alive and kicking! I made this article to explain what happened, since we had a long period without news and, for now, I apologize and thank you for all your patience, support and affection. Many came to ask me if the project still lives, which made me very happy because it shows interest in our work. Therefore, for this message to be even more personal, I will be writing in my name, especially because I was the main reason for this silence.

For those who do not know, Galope is a studio composed only by me, Gabrianne "GabZ" / "GabZero", and my husband, Esdras "Xdr4z", we both have our jobs and make the games in the free time. The last update we posted about the project was on March 13, a few days later I began to feel strong pains in the right eye. Advancing a little further in the story, in April this pain evolved into a terrible inflammation in that eye, which practically blinded me for a month because I was not even able to use the left eye. So I stayed away from any work until I recovered, taking almost two months for that. After this torment, I had to do numerous exams to find the cause of this problem, which was a difficult and time-consuming task. Many exams took months to be completed, doctor visits that still had to be approved, and back and forth to the neighboring city since there are not many specialists where I live. It was quite exhausting.

Anyway, after so many expenses, so many trips, I discovered that, unfortunately, I have a rare autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It has a chance of causing this inflammation in the eye and terrible pains in the spine, so I need to treat it for a lifetime. To this day I'm getting results from exams and I still have doctor appointments. Fortunately, it is not something so serious and the disease can be controlled, so I can continue to work normally. I have wonderful people like my husband giving me support so I can move on.

Returning to work

I was very depressed these months, as you might imagine. One reason is that Meawja was already on the final stretch of being finished. If it were not for this disease, by now the game would have been released. There was very little left. And worst of all is that all these exams, doctor appointments, trips ... where very, very expensive. Basically, all the money we had booked for the project was spent on my health. We do not regret, of course, because we had the money at least. We had.

When my eye has recovered enough, I already wanted to go back to work, because we needed to recover what we spend with some urgency. But we did not want to rush Meawja, not when I was so weak and disheartened. It turns out that while I was recovering, Xdr4s began to play with a prototype that he created himself. To cheer me up, he was asking me to do some arts for him, to create a protagonist and other stuff like a hud. Gradually we worked on the prototype, giving shape, creating an identity. And we decided that it should be a game, but a small, fast, with several limitations so that it could be completed in just a few months. We would use this game to try to recover the money we spend, which would be directed to Meawja. And it worked!

The prototype took shape and became Ravva and the Cyclops Curse! With a lovely protagonist, a simple storyline, and an identity of its own, the game was quickly assembled following firmer limitations from the NES, such as using only 3 colors per sprite, few animation frames (swear I tried), and a short adventure. I was very excited, and I am happy to say that the game is incredibly close to being ready and we intend to launch it in November. I want you to know this project of ours, done with as much affection as Meawja:

The game is part of the series Galope Minis, basically, they are mini-games that take place in fairy-tales from the same universe of Meawja. So they have no obligation to have links with other of our games, what allows us to test many ideas as crazy and unlikely as they are. In Ravva and the Cyclops Curse, you will follow the story of a small summoner owl whose dangerous mission is to destroy a terrible Cyclops and thus save his/her mother from a curse. We are very happy with the project, we hope you like it!

Continuing the Meawja project

While working on Ravva we found out that our abilities have improved greatly to the point of producing it much faster. Our tools have improved, our knowledge was wider, and of course, we have more experience. This means that now we feel more confident, to the point of wanting to fix many things in Meawja. This project is basically where we learn to create games, much of the early stages is quite amateur and we feel that now, with more experience, we can improve the game a lot.

So we decided that we will do a rework!

This does not mean that we will make the game from scratch, far from it! It means that we're going to tweak things that already look dated, like hud, the training stage, and the cave stage. Also rework the camera and redo all the hero animations. After all, it was the first thing I animated in pixel art! I'm sure I can do a lot better today. We also want to improve and add mechanics, new stages and make the game more complete and interesting. Most of it will stay the way it is, but we want to improve what it has to be improved. So we will feel much better because even with the delay, we know that we will deliver something superior to what we promised previously.

So thank you immensely to all of you, ninjas, for all your support! And I ask for a little patience so that this project, this long journey, will soon be completed. And we have much more ahead!

Onward, ninjas!

Dev. Log #10 - The Hidden Swamp

Dev. Log #10 - The Hidden Swamp

News 4 comments

Full article with all the development process of the last stage, The Hidden Swamp: an area full of plant-like enemies and lots of dangers.

Meawja Trailer goes live!

Meawja Trailer goes live!

News 4 comments

Check out the new Trailer we prepared, showing pure gameplay of this action-platformer game! Pixel art? Ninja cat? Retro feeling? Right now!

Dev. Log #09 - The Coyote Hideout

Dev. Log #09 - The Coyote Hideout

News 4 comments

This article will show some development details about the 4th stage, the Coyote Hideout!

Dev. Log #08 - The Crimson Woods

Dev. Log #08 - The Crimson Woods

News 8 comments

In this article, we'll tell more about the new map, its mechanics and enemies.

Galope Creator

You can check all our development logs and mini-logs on the following link:

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Galope Creator

The Steam store page for Meawja is now live!
Soon for PC, OSX and Linux.

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Galope Creator

Greetings, ninjas!

I'm here to inform that, for now, we'll be removing the Demo version for download. The reason is, thanks to many feedbacks, we will make some changes and improvements, mainly in the training stage. Because of that it will be unporductive to keep the current demo for download (which is actually an alpha), as it will be quite different from the final version. When the game is 100 % finished, we will create a definitive Demo.

I want to say a big THANK YOU for over 200 downloads! I never expected that so many people would test the game! We received several extremely valuable feedbacks that will certainly help (and already helped) in development. We'll do everything possible to make Meawja polished, challenging and fun!

You guys are amazing ninjas! Thank you again!


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Hey devs, want to first of all congratulate you guys on the game. It's quite an accomplishment!

I've played until the Polar Bear boss, which I assume is when the demo ends?

The animations and pixel art quality is top notch, and I really like the characters I've encoutered. Also, props to the life bar, very cool detail.

However, I had a hard time differentiating the gameplay mechanics from the usual platformers out there, all of the movements I've seen before in many other games.

Jumping feels weird, the character seems to move way too much vertically and way too little horizontally, it feels disconnected from the animation. Also, the attacks don't seem to pack much of a punch to them.

I didn't quite like the boss, I feel like the main idea was good, but the battle prolonged too much. I'd like if its HP was either cut a little bit or it changed its pattern as its HP goes down.

A little after the plant boss there was this scene which seemed like I had completed the level, then I was instantly teleported to what seemed like another level, but this felt much smaller than the first part. I didn't understand what happened there.

Oh, wanted to let you know that I found the under consctruction screen and it made me laugh lol

Hope my feedback is in any way useful for you guys.

Thanks! :)

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Galope Creator

Hello, valahbr!

Thank you very much for this amazing feedback! Sorry for taking so long to answer, I had some personal problems.

Those opinions are surely valuable, its our first game so its really interesting to hear what the players have to say.

The game is indeed quite simple, the basic controls are no different from other platformers but that's intentional. We wanted our first game to be simple so we can learn step by step, no rush. I feel safer this way.

I did not understood what you said about the jump, you mean it is too fast? It is based on NES games but it could be a little weird for some controllers. Sorry but can you explain better about the attacks?

The main idea of this first boss is to test your resistance, that's why he have so much HP (and also because he is a bear). We'll add different patterns in each boss, but I totally get your point. Actually there was a plan to make a berserk mode once he gets 30% HP or something, but sincerely we forgot haha. Thanks for commenting this, we'll discuss it again to the final game. Also, maybe the room layout is not good enough for this battle, we can study it better to make the fight more interesting.

About that time you got "teleported", actually it was just the second part of the map. Every map will be split in 2 or more sub-stages, you have just moved to the second sub-stage from Crystal Cave.

Haha that construction site will have secrets in the final game. I'm happy you found it, you're the first one to find it on the Crystal Cave! Actually every map will have a cheat hidden that allows you to skip to that stage.

Oh, and there's more after the boss! The demo also includes the first part of Stage 2, I hope you like it!

Since you have found the secret, I have a riddle for you. It hides a way to skip to the second level (if you can solve it):
"Hold your shuriken for seven seconds, but only when you can see my name!"

And again, THANK YOU for playing and for your feedback! It is really helpful! You can contact us anytime here in IndieDB or Facebook =) if you ever need something related to the game, let me know!

Onward, ninja!

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This game looks amazing! The animations for everything looks so smooth and I really love the backgrounds. So exciting it was Greenlit! Looks like it is a really fun game.

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Galope Creator

Hello, Infinite_Machine!
The demo version is live! You can download it right now: Indiedb.com

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Galope Creator

Hello, thank you very much for your comment! The Demo is right in the corner, already complete and we'll be releasing it this week. I can' wait to see your feedback.

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Galope Creator

We had a small issue with the image host service, all fixed now. For some reason all images hosted on Photobucket got broke, we migrated to imgur and its working fine.

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Galope Creator

We've been Greenlit on October 18, it was 10 days to finally achieve this and we are obviously really excited! Since we are in our way to release a playable demo, IndieDB was recommended by other developers and, well, here we are. Its our first big project and we have much to learn, but also much passion to create the best game we can.

Onward, ninjas!

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