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Means of Escape is a new IP currently in development by Pub Games. In Means of Escape, players must guide the out-of-control suit (and its hapless occupant) through to safety, using both puzzle and twitch-gaming skills to negotiate the hazardous environments. The game's unfortunate protagonist, Terrence, has purchased the latest model of the Means Of Escape evacuation suit (MOE) - the latest must-have corporate gadget of the near future. CEOs and VIPs invest in the suit as a form of personal protection, but little does Terrence know the suit often causes more trouble than it solves! As a result, Terrence will have to suffer the suit's over-zealous fits of mayhem and carnage whenever it deems he is in danger - players control the suit by placing actions for the suit to perform in advance, offering a unique twist to a much-loved style of game

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For those yet to hear of it, 8-Bit Funding is a Kickstarter-style crowd sourced funding website specifically tailored to indie game developers (and open worldwide!).
Means of Escape was put up as a project during the site's launch a couple of days ago, and we have already racked up $700 in funding! We're a long way from our goal though, so get on, take a look and tell your friends!
For each level of funding you'll receive copies of the game, beer coasters, stubbie holders, bottle openers and even a chance to star in the game yourself!

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