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Mayhem Intergalactic is a game with simple rules giving rise to rich strategy. Each session lasts only 5-15 minutes, yet there is enough depth and replayability to keep you occupied for hours at a time. In a nutshell, it's a turn-based 4X-like strategy game, providing a streamlined version of the gameplay found in other turn-based strategy games. There is no resource micromanagement, allowing you to concentrate on strategy and tactics instead. Also, there's an alien wearing a monocle.

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Very simple rules, yet very effective strategy game.
It suits me much more than most 4X.

However, I would really whish that AI was better : there is at least one behaviour of the computer player that is extremelly easy to use against it.

Indeed, it is close to a turnbased Galcon. And that is cool to have time. Also the slight level of automatisation is really usefull.

fun, but i can't see paying $20...

It's alot like the Galcon games but turn-based


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