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Masterspace is a game about mining, creating and exploring, featuring fully destructible environments and spaceships that allow you to travel between different planets. Use explosives to mine metal ores or watch your newly constructed home get smashed to pieces by a meteorite impact. As you venture into space to discover new planets, the hull integrity of your custom built spaceship will be tested.

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Masterspace v1.4 has been released, introducing liquid simulation and generation of trees and forests. It is now also possible to play team-based games and an improved death and respawn system has been implemented. New objects and goods include defensive turrets and electronic components. Additionally, two new music pices are included, as well as a lot of bug fixes and performace improvements.

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Masterspace v1.4 has been released, finally introducing a long-awaited feature: liquid simulation. This allows planets to be filled with completely dynamic liquids, such as water and lava. The water simulation is mass-conserving, which means that no water is created or destroyed during the flow. There is also an implementation of liquid compression, which makes the water flow more realistic.

This version also includes generated trees on the planets, which may be harvested to fabricate wood boards. Consequently, the functionality of the photosynthesizer has been reworked to be able to fabricate any organic matter, including grass, wood and leaves. New objects also include defensive turrets, trading posts and electronic components.

WaterMasterspace v1.4 preview
Masterspace v1.4 previewTurrets in Masterspace v1.4

On the multiplayer side, it is now possible to assign teams to players and objects. This means that competitive play is now possible, with opposing teams starting on different planets, having ownership of their own constructed objects. Teams are also considered by the AI of e.g. turrets, when deciding what to target. There are also hostile turrets occupying neutral planets, so prepare to meet some resistance when expanding your sphere of influence. A hint is to mount turrets on your spaceship before exploring the universe.

Download the free version here:
Masterspace v1.4

To upgrade to the full version (for paying customers), please download and run this unlocker (requires login). Please note that the unlocker is version specific and you need to run this after the v1.4 installation, regardless if you have installed another version of the unlocker previously.

Additionally, two new music pices are included and a marker for deposition of materials has been implemented, which makes it easier to place blocks correctly. As usual, a lot of bugs and crashes has been fixed and the performance has been improved. For a complete changelog, please see below:


New features:

  • Liquid simulation
  • Trees and forest generator
  • Terrain modification marker
  • Support for teams
  • Player damage by weapons
  • Automated turrets
  • Two new music pieces
  • Improved death and respawn system
  • New objects, materials and goods

Bug fixes:

  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Star system generation implemented by scripting
  • Included Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package in the installer

:) Better and better.

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MasterTechnologies Author

An update to version 1.4 has been released, which fixes the excessive amount of sand on the planets.

Download the version 1.41 patch for the free version here (requires that v1.4 is already installed): www.master-space.com/MasterspacePatch1.4to1.41.exe

The patch for the full version may be downloaded here (requires login): www.master-space.com/protected_files/MasterspaceUnlocker1.41.exe

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