Bad Habit Productions
Based in Oregon, USA

Release date:
September 28 2018

Nintendo Switch


Available From:
$23.99 - Steam


Get ready to roll. Marble It Up! is the joyful, bouncing, beautiful game you’ve been waiting for. Roll, jump, and master the custom-built marble physics to make your way through 50 breathtaking levels! Experience first-hand the simple joy of rolling while exploring a gloriously psychedelic world filled with unlockable items and secrets. Racing to the goal line is an accomplishment at all levels of play - and with leaderboard replays, ghost races, and rewards to help push you toward the next level, you’ll be a master in no time! Marble It Up! is available now on Nintendo Switch™. Two free map packs, free multiplayer expansion, and so much more are coming soon!


Marble It Up! is a collaboration between true independent studios. Launched by Bad Habit Productions and developed by The Engine Company, Alvios Inc, Arcturus Interactive, and Shapes And Lines, the Marble It Up! team brings a wide breadth of development experience.

Notable past titles led by members of this team include Starsiege Tribes, Tribes II, Marble Blast Gold, Marble Blast Ultra, the Torque Game Engine, Social City, QuiVR, and Disney City Girl, to name a few. It is an intense love for that genre and the simple joy of rolling that has led us to develop Marble It Up! - a new title for the next generation.


  • Roll, bounce, and boost your way to the finish line across 50 visually striking maps!
  • Runs beautifully in both docked and handheld modes at 60fps
  • Unlock majestic marble skins!
  • Race against your best times in Ghost Mode!
  • Watch replays from the online Leaderboards (and learn from the best!)
  • Use exciting power-ups to slow time, launch into the air, and glide your way to glory!
  • FEEL the course with HD rumble support.
  • Test your skills and smarts in an incredibly varied set of kinetic platforming puzzles!


Marble It Up! Launch Trailer YouTube

Marble It Up! - The Marble Roadmap YouTube

Marble It Up! - The Challenge Update Teaser Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Marble It Up! is a fantastic game that shows the power of bringing an old medium into the next generation."
    - Steven Oz, Game Skinny
  • "Sometimes a good game can be even better because of the context you play it in. At home, Marble It Up! on Nintendo Switch is a cool game I like playing. But deep in the trenches of NYCC it’s practically a Game of the Year I need to play."
    - Jordan Minor, Geek.com
  • "Marble It Up is easy to universally recommend as I can't imagine anyone not enjoying mastering its clever levels."
    - A.J. Maciejewski, Video Chums

About Bad Habit Productions

Marble It Up! is a collaboration between true independent studios. Launched by Bad Habit Productions and developed by The Engine Company, Alvios, Arcturus Interactive, and Shapes And Lines

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Marble It Up! Credits

Fletcher Armstrong
PR/Community Manager

Mark Frohnmayer
Executive Producer

Ben Garney
Technical Director/Lead Programmer

Mike Jones
Audio Design

Miha Lunar
Systems Programmer

Conor McCarthy
UV Artist/Gameplay Tester/Level Designer

Todd Pickens
Art Director

Jonathan Schenker
DevOps and UX Director

Carl Solovox

Alex Swanson
Lead Level Designer

Matan Weissman
Tuner/Gameplay Tester/Level Designer

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