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A 2D Multiplayer RPG Action Game with Epic Loot, Crafting, Pixel Art, AND PERMADEATH!

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An awesome game. I played it quite a lot with friends and we really enjoyed it. The permanent death makes it challenging and hard to beat.

Why is a game so simple but so utterly amazing? The game's idea itself seems so used, starting from level 1, leveling your character, getting better gear descending deeper into the dungeon, killing the boss and winning the game. It still is an awesome game, but why? It defined the nature of every RPG in an amazing way. It made it a fast-paced platformer game that is so hard that your first 10 games are you running straight into a boar and dying. But when you get to the first town, you get an awesome feeling of accomplishment. Then it gets interesting. The monsters are getting exponentially harder the deeper you go demanding amazing platform jumping skills and gear you get inside chests, crafting it yourself, and much more. How deep can you go? Can you kill the boss? See for yourself.

It also contains graphics different then any other game i have found during my gaming experience. Magicite is a action packed game that contains platforming, RPG elements, crafting, multiplayer, constant updates and tons of unlockable pets, races, hats and much,much more.

Magicite has made up to my top 3 games ever. It's probably the best platform game i have ever seen. 10/10


Amazing game. It always has a different feel to it and you have a lot of to choose from for your character/race. It also has unlock-able races and different look for the races. This game is not only fun but its easy to play and learn with it unique crafting features. You also have lots of fun hats to choose from to spice things up a bit and a lot of companions so you wont feel alone. But, if you are not alone then you can play this game with four of your friends with its multiplayer option.


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Been playing since the Kickstarter beta, and I gotta say I love this game! It is one of those games that I can hop into, play for anywhere from 5 mins to 3 hours and I have a good time. Frustrating at times, but it is that perfect balance of risk, reward, and permadeath.

Easy to pick up, a lot of fun to look at, and exactly what I hope to see from the indie game scene. Awesome work!

Very fun, huge replay for a super simple game. I've got 38 hours in so far. My wife has 43! Multiplayer needs A LOT of work though. The game get's very laggy, and eventually crashes. Also, it has no chat system nor trade system.

The crafting is fun but it feels unfinished (Too few items, no repairing.) Bonuses to weapons and tools is nice, but what about armor?

Combat is well done from melee to archery. The different weapon speeds keep the game balanced while the spells allow for personal style.

Luck is a huge factor and can really set the pace for your game. This can be fun until you reach a level (as a player) where you are investing one or two hours per game. At that point it seems like less fun.

On a similar note, the towns' shops and item buy back system is wonky. Items have huge prices but only sell for a single coin. Items for sale are also totally random - again, potentially bottle-necking progress if you can't afford or just can't use the items for sale. Inevitably, you'll end up with more money than you can use and unavailable items you need.

So far I've had a lot of fun with Magicite and will probably get another 50 hours of enjoyment out of it. I do, though, hope the updates keep coming, as well as additional content!

I canĀ“t rate over 8...
I would rate 10 because this game is sooo awesome cant stop playing it :D
realy nice work.


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