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Welcome to Mage Online's unexplored desert survival world. This is a fantasy themed game, where adventurers must spend time crafting, gathering, trading and exploring in order to advance their skills to be able to claim and rule areas. The sandbox features include: - digging in desert for treasure and water, - erosion system which moves sand over time, - dynamically generated solo missions, - adventuring and crafting quests, - mining in dungeons for resources and building your hideout, - build and customize your on house, - programming your objects, creating your puzzles, customizing your home, - treasure hunting mini-game, - permission system to control doors, chests, traps etc. - massive land size of 128km x 128km The game is hosted on our 24/7 live server, which gets 3-4 fast updates every week.

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We have added 4 new farm types and adjusted the relevant foraging locations. Wheat, Sugarcane, Chilli, Rhubarb, Mushroom, Cotton, Hemp, Black Pepper, Coffee, Vanilla, Cocoa, Red Berry farm have also received new or updated textures. Foresting has been implemented. The governing skill is no longer adventure experience based, you will have to earn ranks in that skill by chopping trees. There are Palm, Pine, Ash, Yew, Oak trees to plant and cut. We have added chicken farms.

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We have added 4 new farm types and adjusted the relevant foraging locations. Wheat, Sugarcane, Chilli, Rhubarb, Mushroom, Cotton, Hemp, Black Pepper, Coffee, Vanilla, Cocoa, Red Berry farm have also received new or updated textures.

Foresting has been implemented. The governing skill is no longer adventure experience based, you will have to earn ranks in that skill by chopping trees. There are Palm, Pine, Ash, Yew, Oak trees to plant and cut.

We have added chicken farms. Players are able to set the nest locations, which will spawn chicken and chickens will lay eggs which can be collected from the nests. Slaying chicken will yield meat now.

Warehouses has been extended to buy/sell basic foraged ingredients.

In detail:

- Added mesh and texture for Coffee, Vanilla and Cocoa farms.
- Fixed a bug allowed chopping trees from the far distance.
- Added toggle user interface hotkey to F11.
- Added new farm types: coffee, vanilla, cocoa, red berry (their mesh update will happen later this week)
- Fixed craft queue buttons; also added tooltip info to them.
- Added harvestable Ash, Yew and Oak trees. Seedlings are sold at farmer Julia.
- Fixed a mission bug where bosses were using too powerful version of poison effects.
- Changed the way how some of the loot is generated.
- Fixed a bug in loot generator where certain magical items been wiped from the generated loot.
- Added palm tree seedlings to vendor Farmer Julia.
- Added tree seedling warehouse items.
- Fixed the UI skill panel to show rank limit and ratio only for adventurer experience assigned skills.
- Changed the skill name Woodcutting to Foresting.
- Publicly placed trees only reward 20% of the normal experience. Visit a nearby zone to plant your trees in private mode.
- Some of the zones are under work now, you will find them quite empty (zero vegetation).
- Your privately planted tree will turn public after 7 days. As long as it's private, only you can harvest it.
- Added pine seedling to tine tree loot tables.
- Change the name of Pine Tree item to Pine Seedling. Changed also its icon.
- Fixed bug causing player to lose access to chicken nests.
- Fixed bug related to egg spawn times.
- Added text feedback to chicken nest when left clicked (egg/chicken spawn estimates).
- Added chicken nest, sold by Farmer Julia. Drop to a suitable location to spawn chicken and wait for eggs to harvest.
- Control Right click on nest will destroy it.
- Chicken nests will generate new egg if chicken has been alive for 5-6minutes.
- Changed plant growth time to take 10-15minutes for each stage.
- Added final plant stage (after cutting it down) to leave the tree trunk behind for 15 minutes.
- Added terrain textures around trees.
- Added new planted pine tree sold at Farming area.
- Planted trees can no longer be removed via control right clicks. You must wait and harvest them.
- You may plant trees anywhere in public mode (hold shift key while dropping the item to ground).
- Plant growth has been increased to help testing this new feature.
- Added new upgradable sprint spell. It will require stamina to activate for short boost to your movement speed.
- Starter mine has been reset.
- Added skill rank ratio and cap information to skill panel.
- Changed the way skill rank limits are calculated: Mage-online.com
- Enabled running skill which allows faster travel as your skill increases. 1.5% speed increase each step.
- Improved zoning speed and fixed a rare error causing players to drop connection.
- Added missing fishing animations.
- Thirst and hunger levels are both have direct effect on regeneration rates.
- Out of combat regeneration rate has been increased.
- Added new granite pebble recipe to Miner Brick.
- Added code to prevent player using certain items while moving/falling.
- Changed spiders to apply poison only on epic hits.
- Added level 50-55 mission offerings to Three Lakes area.
- Added 3 more braziers, also fixed light position not to be at base, but rather raised to the flame level.
- Fixed a bug which allowed Guardian Trainer and Factory to run with powered down Steam Machine.
- Fixed a potential creature sync bug causing glitches at client side (invisible monsters).
- Fixed a bug with player pets picking on player minions.
- Fixed a bug with player pets selecting targets on different mine levels.
- Click on window close button should not activate objects behind it.
- Alt-tab should no longer require extra clicks to get input working.
- Added shutdown switch to steam machine to save fuel when steam is not needed. Right click the steam room to control this option.
- Fixed a bug with bulk recipes not working properly in factories. (Thanks Zed for reporting).
- Added better looking mine stairs.
- Added new /poi command to create point of interest items. These items are used for various thing to specify locations in the world.
- Fixed a bug introduced last patch causing players unable to pick up items on missions.
- Added new room types allowing various mine flags to be set for each level. This is a moderator only item.
- Added control panels for containers and mine rooms to set their properties. Right click on owned objects to activate.
- Fixed caretakers not being able to load steam engines with coal after previous patch.
- Added Blueprints for grand master ranked recipes.
- Added factory control window.
- Added player factories which use blueprint based production methods.
- Added two new key assignment options to settings panel, the 'Run mode' and the 'Auto run'.
- Added UI interface to change default key bindings. Remember to save after changing. It is possible to assign same key for a specific function e.g. 'i' for both ingredients and backpack.
- Changed stock handler to auto consume wares above 66% availability only. Previously it was 50%.
- Fixed a bug where chest lid wasn't not closing when container window was closed with X button.
- Fixed a bug requiring the player to click twice after zone loading to get up-to-date warehouse stocks.
- Rewritten the code around applying combat effects to players and creatures.
- Added code to let creature apply effects to another creature.
- Added support to configurable conditional combat effects.
- Adding new control pet type, spiders. They will use poison, web and reduced damage to help their masters.
- Fixed a bug causing spiders to slide instead crawl.
- Fixed bug creatures do not face their targets.
- Changed the autoattack to turn off itself when PVP mode is required, or target becomes non-attackable.
- Added new video options to adjust texture quality. This will help for those with old video cards (low = 1/2, very low = 1/4, 8bit times=1/8 down-scale)
- Fixed idle animation for creatures (they shouldn't do the run/walking animation after stopping)
- Enabled warehouse auto-consumption mode. One piece from each ware above 50% stock availability will be bought by NPCs every 8 hours.
- Fixed player combat speed to be capped at 90%.
- Updated player movement speed calculations, being in combat shall not limit your run speed for now.
- Fixed desert vegetation in start zone.
- Changed the way server generates vegetation based on terrain height.
- Fixed a bug with height maps introduced last patch. Thank you Zedrendor for reporting it!
- Adjusted spell effect tick printouts to be more readable with darker background.
- Fixed night time Terrain lighting issues.
- Fixed web effect visuals on dead creatures.
- Added 8 new quests.
- Fixed woodcutting sounds.
- Forage/Mining/Gathering/Woodcutting can now be interrupted by jumping/ESC key.
- Changed the way animations are synced between server-clients.
- Changed terrain monster combat path calculations.
- Added new food effects to Bread/Morning Pancake/Dream Pie. These foods will disable hunger for 30-60-90 minutes.
- Added description to Zombie hunger, also changed icons.
- Fixed several issues with hotbars.
- Added tooltip for menu items.
- Right click on coins in your backpack will stash them to your purse.
- Fixed timeout on death back to 15s
- Added new command:/terrain.0-2 to change level of detail in outside world. /terrain.2 is slowest (50k+ polygons)
- Added new upgradable light spell. New characters receive it upon creation, existing players can purchase it from Tutorial agent.
- Fixed a crash bug when deleting equipped items.
- Changed the way the loot is generated for foresting and surface mining.
- Fixed fishing loot generator to filter skill rank restricted drops.
- Changed NPC greetings and some quest texts.
- Added new help system. As soon as you find information from NPCs (or type /help) you will get a "lexicon of answers" in your spell book.
- Moved mining quests to Miner Brick.
- Changed coloring of quest offers. Unavailable quests will show up in red now.
- Added crafting animation.
- Added new item Flip-flops which give 10% speed boost. This is default to new players now, and can be purchased from vendor for existing players.
- Added Movement Speed stat to character sheet. 100% means normal speed.
- Added glassy look to forage compass.
- Added survey for foraging outside terrain areas. Your mini-map will show the yield after the forage cycle ends.
- Added new quests.
- Added new quest trigger type to support forage oriented activities.
- Server checks mine layout when generating monster spawns to avoid too many pop next to each other.
- Server should not anymore generate spawns in starter mine's top level.
- Fixed the character controller, strafe and backward speed match the run mode setting.
- Adjusted window colors and frame style.
- Added new quest to Sunny, also removed Rhubarb Cake recipe from vendor, it is quested now.
- Added Cactus Soup to counter zombie hunger debuff.
- Removed UNIQUE flag from ancient zombie heads.
- Fixed a bug with logon server failing to check username is case-sensitive manner.
- Fixed a bug with FUSE shaders causing bad lightning in certain angles.
- Fixed a bug with highlights to select entire characters instead only their head.
- Fixed a bug introduced last patch not allowing selection of another player.
- Added textures for heavy armors.
- Upgraded male player mesh/animations. They will need some tweaking the coming days.
- Upgraded female player mesh/animations. Use the command: /player.hair 0-9 to change hairType, or /player.skin 0-1 to change shade.
- Flint-stone found in mines can be sold at vendors.
- Added warehouse to several NPCs to buy/sell player crafted products.
- General server-side performance improvements
- Added new melee skills Double Strike, Crush and Cleave
- Renamed melee skill Quick Stab to Fast Attack
- Renamed melee skill Slash to Power Attack
- Changed the way minimap is drawn in mines. There is more detail and 7x7 pixel blocks.
- Player attacked by enemy creatures should anger player's pets.
- Pets should warp to players after teleporting.
- Updated minimap to show broken walls in red color.
- Updated algorithm which destroys walls for isolated monster spawns.
- Rusty Iron Key is not unique item anymore.
- Added new feature which allows isolated monster spawns to break through walls.
- Fixed a crash while installing a Vault.
- Adden humming noise for Vaults.
- Player guardians and caretakers can use teleporting when player has an operation Vault installed.
- Raiding monsters alert your Guardians. They will try to use teleport skills to get there as soon as possible.
- Added monster raids to player dungeons.
- Removed zoning block while player in combat.
- Added minion spawns for certain monsters to form patrol groups.
- Added /music.on /music.off /sound.on /sound.off commands.
- Added warning about your dropped tombstone to collect them.
- Added Bria the leatherworker to Collapsed Mines.
- Added Balthazar the architect next to Herbert to split dungeon building recipes.
- Added NPC to offer alchemy quests, supplies and recipes.
- Added experience potions.
- Player forge occasionally casts crafting experience on crafting player.
- Fixed a bug displaying twice stock buy/sell texts, causing garbled texts.
- Added new resources to traders.
- Fixed a bug causing fishing always generate worst reward.
- Added new feature to aid creature path finding in mines to avoid blocks with tables/chests/crates.
- Fixed pet spells aggression and regenerate to apply correctly to tank pets.
- Changed loot tables to generate cloth/heavy armors.
- Added Modified armors to boss loot tables.
- Changed some quests to offer armor rewards.
- Fixed a potential bug generating overflow for item quantities.
- Fixed a bug causing guardians not to face the trainer machine or going too close to it.
- Fixed a bug generating poison effect after lucky strikes (they should be generated only after critical/epic strikes),
- Fixed a bug not generating hunger/thirst/poison for mine creatures.
- Fixed a bug forcing the weakest poison effect on player.
- Fixed a bug preventing support beam placement.
- Corrected carpet textures to allow adding more variants. Soon ™
- Fixed UI selection bug after resizing client started in window mode.
- Fixed flickering around room walls.
- Added Forge and Vault recipes to Herbert.
- Added new Caretaker Task 6: Fuel your Forges
- Improved detection of a refueled steam engine/forge to start up.
- Operating the mine doors shall slowly decrease their quality, and at some point caretaker task is triggered.
- Improved caretaker logic to only dispatch one caretaker for the same task.
- Improved caretaker logic to react to new tasks faster.
- Added new /xp command to remove excess experience from guardian spawners.
- Added new Caretaker Task 5: Repair Door
- Increased the rate stones drop in mines (limestone...basalt)
- Extended permission system to traps not to trigger on friendly creatures.
- There are significant changes to mine gates. You will have to remove and install your gates to make sure they are facing the right direction.
- Caretaker Task 4: Enchant your Guardian Spawners
- Adding new items to fishing loot.
- Changed the way fishing loot is generated in preparation for new recipes and items.
- Added new caretaker task to supply water from a nearby pond to the steam-engine.
- Added lakes (pond for now) to mines.
- Fixed looping object sounds.
- Several server side changes regarding mine objects/rooms.
- New recipes, and some recipe fixes.
- Added macro action for /survey command. Find it in your spell book.
- Fixed next target (TAB key) to select only monsters located on your mine level.
- Added caretaker book stand.
- Guardians returning to their spawn should level now.
- Fixed a bug introduced last patch not generating loot for monsters.
- Added Warehouse.
- Added Caretaker (scripted NPC who runs errands in your dungeon)
- Added loads of new recipes. Craft your very own steam engine and guardian trainer machine!
- Added a new mine which uses different algorithm to create reserved corridors. (more space for players to build).
- Added /toggle.guildinvites to toggle accepting guild invitations.
- Added /toggle.public.mining to toggle public mining mode. (default is private)
- Cleaned up code around mining, shouldn't be visible change to player.
- Changed the way monster spawners are generated to mines.
- All monster types will have dedicated spawner look.
- The creatures now scale more accurately to mine levels.

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