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The game you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this game, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.


Maerchen, a two dimensional RPG in development by Nord1c Design, grants you control of "Karl", a teenage boy living in Renessaince-esque land remniscent of Northern Europe (particularly the Norwegian Peninsula)' You are quite happy in your village' You have lot's of friends, and there is plenty of work and play to keep you occupied in this serene, snowy world' Though civilization is starting to make it's mark on the land, and the village folk are constantly pushing outward, there is wilderness all around you' Your parents have warned you not to venture into the deep forests, or even to go outside of the village walls, but what do they take you for!? Of course you go outside' Of course you enjoy playing with your friends in the natural, foreign world a mere few kilometers away' Of course you sneak into your grandfather's attic and discover a book of ancient lore, written in the Dynasty of Mages'

This is the introductory setting for Maerchen' In side the book, you read first hand accounts of rendeveous with magical creatures, epic journeys made through enchanted forests, and across endless plateaus, high up in the heavens' As you are thumbing through the anciend, cracked pages, you read the stories of little children, who cleverly evaded evil witches' Of kind wood-nymphs, and malevolent little gnomes alike' You have discovered Das Buch der Maerchen' You enjoy these stories greatly, and almost consider telling your friends' What you fail to realize, however, as you engulf your mind in magical imagery, is that these are no mere fairy tales concocted by great writers long ago' They are actually the journals, accounts, and testimonies of a people who lived in harmony with Magic; a people who would not find it extraordinary to bow before and swear allegiance to a frog king' A people who lived in a world that was believed to have been mere fiction, not an actual place just a few leagues over the hills to the southeast'

Fast forward a week' You just read a "fairytale" of two tyrannical dragons perched on two gigantic stone pillars standing ominously before a terrified village of gnomes' As you read this description, you are suddenly oddly drawn into the story' Your mind subconsciously recognized the description, and this stone pillar seems vaguely familiar' As you snap out of this synapse, one which made you feel a part of the story, you realize that the description is quite akin to a distant landmark a few leagues from your village' After spending a night thinking of the possibility that a world of magic may have existed at one point, and could even still exist now, you decide to set out towards the great rock formation southeast of your home' As you are leaving your village gates, a familiar voice beckons you' "Karl! Karl, wait! Where are you going off to with your pack?" You turn around' It's Nero, your best friend' Only, judging by his companions, he has been entrusted with the task of babysitting his two younger sisters' "Oh, I'm just taking a little walk'' Yeah, just a little walk to the frozen lake and back'" Nero clearly doesn't believe you, and is quite an adventurous boy as well' After quite a few minutes of heated debating, you finally explain everything to Nero' Obviously, he accompanies you'

You go to the two rocks with your friend and his two sisters, and discover some ruines' One of Nero's sisters points out that the ruin seems to be pointing down into the gorge below' You travel down, only to discover a small isolated village of gnomes' This is an incredible discovery, because gnomes where believed to have either died many centuries ago, or to have never existed in the first place' This is where Maerchen really begins' Your party (consisting of you, Nero, his two sisters, and a little gnome that tags along) sets out to find out if there are more, larger settlements of gnomes, or even another ancient race described in the fairy tales' What you fail to realize, however, is that the ancient book "History of the Gnomish Tribes" held that the gnomish tribes where disbanded and forced to scatter across the continent by a mysterious race of mage-raiths, or warlock necromancers' It is only a matter of time until your small party will have a rendevous with these nightmarish creatures'

The epic storyline of Maerchen is backed by mFX, our proprietary graphics engine' By developing our own engine from scratch, we can optimize Maerchen to it's fullest, taking advantage of every feature of the engine' Check out the features of Maerchen below:



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Demo This Summer.

News 5 comments

Just stopping by to say that despite our website no longer existing, three quarters of the team being inactive, and no "real" updates in a while, Maerchen is progressing remarkably well, both in graphical content, and in actual code. In fact, I can confidently say that we expect to release a demo of sorts this summer, with ModDB exclusive quests and items. The content of the demo will likely not reflect the content of the final game, beyond the resources it uses, but will instead give the community an idea of how the final game will play.

For those curious on why I am suddenly announcing this, it is because of the incredible progress that I made last week on the game world navigation, movement, and gameplay. We now have fully functional tile-based maps in place, and random map generation well underway. We will not release any screenshots until the demo is released.

Until next time,


News 13 comments

After nearly a year of development, Maerchen is finally ready for release. We are delighted to announce to the community that the absolute final version...

Update (03/27/05)

News 2 comments

Finally some good news. I, quite by accident, stumbled across a very recent partial build of Maerchen that I thought I had lost. With it, along with some...

Website Live!

News 6 comments

After a few months of just using our Nord1c website as a resource for Maerchen, we've finally set up a site dedicated 100% to Maerchen. Though it's...

New Members


I'd like to welcome the following people to the Maerchen Development Team: "License2Kill": Project Sub-leader, 2D Sprite Artist. "SILVERWOLF_87&quot...

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Yay, still alive :) that's good news :D Keep up the work, I wanna play this!

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Please say this still lives. Looks like an interesting idea. And it's cool to see someone developing their own graphics engine.

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good to know you're still working on this, i hope you can pull it off, can't wait for news about the new engine and all.

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San-J Creator

Maerchen is under development once more, under an entirely new game engine. It was never truly discontinued, I just pretty much started over. I am not promising a final release or even any release at all, but I felt it was time to tell my fans (fans!? where did ya all go!?) that I have been working on it this whole time.

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San-J Creator

Yes, alas, Maerchen as described here, is cancelled. We have a major surprise in store for our fans, however. I won't make the same mistake as I have previously often made of hype-announcements, so we're going to keep it a secret for the time being.

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It's the 8th of September, so Maerchen's cancelled.

I was really looking forward to that game.

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San-J Creator

Still working on this, but if it is not done by September 1st of 2005, we'll cancel it, as I'll be starting 3D game programming then. And damn, do I have a good idea for a 3D game. Expect it to be registered soon.

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San-J Creator

Sounds groovy :)

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as soon as this comes out im making yoda stories: clone wars!

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San-J Creator

Oh yeah, and I'm setting up a .com domain for Maerchen right now. Next week www.maerchen-game.com should be open to the public.

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