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Here you have three busy dogs, a farm and a lot of animals that have to go back to the stable.

But first you have to find them!

44 animals are spread all over the farm.
Will you be able to drive them all back by evening?
But easy - no stress, you have all the time in the world to explore the farm.

The game regularly saves your progress on your device.

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Happy Easter 2020!

I was finally able to incorporate the player feedback and gave orders to the alpha dog.
Fresh free Update Version 1.4 is out.

You can now give your dogs "sit" and "come" commands.

app screenshots tvOS 16 9 8

As a reward for the hard farm work, there is now a disco in the barn in the evening :-)

indieDB news pic twicht 2

With the commands, the player can now proceed much more tactically when drifting. He can position his dogs as sentinels

Since I now recognize game development as a way, I streamed the update process a little on twitch.tv last week...

Unfortunately only in German: Twitch.tv

indieDB news pic twicht 1

Have a peaceful Easter days! With lots of love from Hamburg!

Your Matthew

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