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A compilation of 5 original arcade games that are easy to pick up and play with just a mouse, but hard to master. Go for the high score one lunch break at a time. Inspired by retro classics, but with plenty of original twists, the Lunch Break Arcade has a little something for everyone.

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Lunch Break Arcade has launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Check it out HERE

After the successful launch of my last game, Arcane Golf, I found myself pulled in a number of different directions, unable to choose just one. So I didn't. I took five of my favorite game projects and combined them into a single arcade experience that anyone can pick up and play with just a mouse, but with enough depth to keep people coming back for more.

LBA ArcadeScroll 002

The games are wildly varied and endlessly replayable. But I need your help to add more content, improve the art, and pay for a killer soundtrack full of catchy, retro tunes.

It has everything from jet-packing dogs...

AMF 960 001

...to a high speed parody of Oregon Trail full of surprises,..

GR 960 001

...and even a project inspired by the Windows classic, SkiFree.

SKI 960 002

The success of the Lunch Break Arcade Kickstarter campaign can provide a solid foundation for my future as a game developer, and create a platform to continue to deliver interesting, new experiences to everyone that helps!

With your support I will be able to:

  • Take the time to update and improve the art and code of each of these games so they can be the best versions of themselves
  • Pay for quality, catchy, original music tracks (the one aspect I can not do myself)
  • Handle administrative fees and a small amount of marketing costs
  • Add more gameplay and features as funding grows

If successful, not only will I be able to complete this project and deliver 5 super fun games to experience, but I also hope to be able to continue to add more games to the arcade in the future! This is a project I see myself supporting for years to come!


And please, don't wake the dragon!

SWIPE Dragon 001

Lunch Break Arcade: Game Showcase #02

Lunch Break Arcade: Game Showcase #02


This week's showcase of the games of Lunch Break Arcade focuses on Gunlocked. Gunlocked is best described as a mix between Fruit Ninja and Galaga, but...

Lunch Break Arcade: Game Showcase #01

Lunch Break Arcade: Game Showcase #01


It isn't easy to show off five games in a minute long trailer, especially not some of the more complex games of the collection, so I'll be doing these...

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