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Lugdunon is a 2d multiplayer RPG / sandbox game that is reminiscent of the 16 bit console era. Lugdunon runs within your web browser, so no client download is needed. Lugdunon can also be played ‘on the go’ on mobile devices such as iPads and Android tablets. Players can engage in combat with each other or with NPCs, craft and trade items, empower their character with the advancement system, place and decorate in-game signs using the full-featured sign editor, and more! However, what is really interesting about Lugdunon is the ability to take the game and truly make it your own. With powerful in-game editors available to players who have been designated ‘Game Masters’ and the ability to run your own server, the sky is the limit! Currently, from within the game itself, Game Masters can create new crafting recipes, add and edit NPCs, paint the landscape using up to 16 terrain layers, raise and lower elevation to create cliffs and chasms, place items, and edit NPC spawn points.

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Alpha 0.5.7a released. Important features: bug fixes, access restriction expansion, a friends list, placeable item tooltips, a new official forum, and grass and slate placement.

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Alpha 0.5.7a released. Important features: bug fixes, access restriction expansion, a friends list, placeable item tooltips, a new official forum, and grass and slate placement.

Special thanks to Brash Endeavors, Gabeux, and all the others over at the Dwarf Fortress forums. They have helped identify and sort out quite a few issues this past week as well as make some really wonderful suggestions.

New Official Forums

Lugdunon's official forums have moved from IndieDB to forums.lugdunon.net. The main reason for moving was to allow players to have a place to discuss Lugdunon without having to create another account to manage. Lugdunon's new forums use the player's existing Lugdunon account and password for authentication.

Access Restriction

Access restriction was originally implemented to secure containers from prying eyes and only supported three access modes: open access, placer only, and characters on placer's account only. This feature has been completely rewritten to be extendable, and applicable to any placeable item. Currently the following access modes are implemented:

Owner Only Access Mode
This mode is the default, and restricts an item to be used by just the 'owner' or placer of the item.

Full Access Mode

A Stone Key

Owner's Account Access Mode

A Copper Key

Owner's Party Access Mode

A Bronze Key

Owner's Friends Access Mode

An Iron Key

Possessor Access Mode

A Golden Key

The default access mode can also now be set in the word.cfg file using the
default.access.handler property.

Players set access on items by using the wrench on the item they wish to secure.

A Steel Wrench

Then, using the modified inventory UI, they are free to place or remove a key to set whatever access they desire.

Securing a House

Friends List

The friends list can be accessed by using the /friend console command. To add or remove a player from the list, use the same command with the player's name at the end: /friend playerName.

Placeable Item Tooltips

Mousing over a placeable item will now display a helpful tooltip.

Placeable item tooltips will currently divulge the name, a short description, the owner, and any access restrictions applied to that item.

Placeable Item Tooltips

Grass and Slate Placement

Malting barley used to be a chore. Given that barley needs a firm surface on which to malt, and there being no way to alter the terrain to obtain a firm surface, players were reduced to malting barley in the Bibracte town square or up in the mountains.

Barley and Malt

Slate, an item that originally was used only for creating the roofing on houses, has been given new life. Players can now place slate upon the ground, thus altering the terrain, to create a firm surface for malting.


Using Slate to Create a Hard Surface

In addition, tilling grass will now occasionally reward the player with a chunk of turf. This turf can be placed, in much the same way as slate, to replant grass in previously barren areas.

Tilling Grass Rewards Turf


Repairing a Grassless Area with Turf

The full change log for 0.5.7a is available here.

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