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Luftwiderstand, German for air resistance and pronounced something like [looft-wee-dar-shtand], is a minimalist arcade shooter in development. You control a jet plane and fight against hordes or bullet-spewing baddies and gravity for fame, glory and your personal bragging rights. Pick up items to restore health and increase the score multiplier for an epic highscore. Development on this game has been canceled, see the latest news (one it's gotten approved) for an explanation if you really car. Thank you all!


Current Alpha build. For Controls and release notes click on more information: CONTROLS: A - Turn Left D - Turn right W - Boost Up - Shoot Space - Respawn after death Num 0 - Pause Esc - Quit xbox360 Controller: Left on analog stick left = Turn left Right on analog stick left = Turn right Right Shoulder Trigger = Boost Start = Respawn Back = Quit

Luftwiderstand Alpha 0.0.23
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