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Love+ is a minimalistic platforming game with a retro aesthetic and a focus on a challenging but not unfair difficulty. It has an innovative respawn system 11 levels, 12 track soundtrack, a grading system, and a unique custom level creation feature. Users are able to create images (both static and animated) that can be imported as level geometry, hazards, or interactive elements. Creators can craft full 10-level campaigns with customizeable screens and intros, and share them with one another. The challenging levels are balanced with the inclusion of a simple yet unique respawn system wherein the player can leave a checkpoint at any location at any point, as long as they are on solid ground. Beyond the visual aesthetic, the challenging level design, and the abundance of features, there is the fantastic soundtrack composed by James Bennett, which bring the seemingly simple 3-color atmospheres to life.

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A brief but challenging burst of platforming with great minimalistic visuals and a toe-tapping soundtrack.


Good platformer with good music. But short - 5 runs (+ 1 run of "custom levels") in 2 hours for me. And that's it.


I honestly can not tell you how satisfied I was when I bought this.I was having a bad day, and I needed to play a game, and I didn't want to play any game with intensive plot I just needed a game to satisfy my brain gameplay wise. This game delivered! Brightened my day, and made me feel good. It is fresh with the respawn mechanic I have never seen any system like it. I must say it is such a savior, but at the same time an aggravating. I love it though. I was skeptical about the art style, but the blend of the music the gameplay, and the changing level themes won me over in a heart beat. This game will be occupying my time for a while. This is worth every penny. Please do yourself a favor, and play this game!



Very good game, I love platform games and their music is amazing


great old style game, addicting, challenging, higly recomend for retro style fans 9/10

This game proves that you don't need many frills as long as you have great gameplay. I can't even figure out why it is fun. It is repetitive, it looks very, very old school and the only challenge is platforming. Judging by those attributes I should hate this game and so should everyone else, but I don't and I don't think anyone else does either. Verdict: Just stick it in yo' Genesis!

nice game

Incredibly challenging, but oh so rewarding, Love+ is a great minimalistic platformer. The graphics are simple, but suit the gameplay very well. I didn't have any problems with the controls, once I switched to a gamepad. Platformers never seem to work well on keyboards, and this is no exception, so it's worth noting for those interested. The game is not very long, and can be beaten in under an hour, provided you can handle the high level of difficulty. The music is top notch, and varies enough that I never got annoyed or tired of it. For the extrememly fair price of $2, I think Love+ is completely worth it. It might not have the greatest amount of depth or content, but what's here is a very well crafted platformer that will put your jumping skills to the test!

Great game, fun gameplay, excellent soundtrack but way too short. I would happily trade the ability to create my own checkpoints for more levels (and maybe checkpoints halfway through these levels).


At first I thought "Uggh, they are just trying a little too hard to be retro". Then I heard the music. Then I played it. Then I rated it 10/10.

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