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"Another winter passes, with nothing changing. Ethan Wright is a 20 year old college student who lives a normal, satisfying life. With his four best friends, he can't think of anything more he needs. But something is wrong. An unshakable feeling that something important is missing. Until, one night, he meets a strange girl, sitting in the falling snow. As weeks pass, Ethan will learn that his life isn't as quite right as he thought and will inevitably get closer and closer to the truth."

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Hello everyone,

my name is Nahilys and I am the leader of the international Lekasoft Studio. Our team is happy to introduce you to our first project : Lost Winter Nights.

This project is originally an idea of mine which I work on for over a year before deciding to make it a real thing. After several months of researchs, I was able to gather a number of great and talented people who I am very pleased to work with.

We are currently seven fellow developpers working on this project :

Nahilys : Project Lead, Original Idea, Scenario.

Dave Burns : Scenario, Script Writing.

Kia : Graphic Designer, Animator, Lead Programmer.

Vaatry : Character Design, Sprites & CG Artist.

Alexis Ril : Demo Backgrounds Artist

Mock Off : Composer
Grey : Assistant Programmer

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