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Lost Labyrinth is an Old-School Coffee-Break Dungeon-Crawling Game. Loads of Character abilities to choose from. Every player needs another tactic. High replayability because every dungeon is created at random.

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Fun roguelike with charming visuals and a very robust class / skill system allowing for plenty of choice on the player's end, and a full inventory (diablo-style). Looking forward to spending countless hours playing this one!

After re-installing this recently and playing again (most of the night, I might add ) I decided to change my rating from 7 to 9. This game is really deep and we need more rogueish games like this.

I am glad to have owned this title for so long, I hope to see future updates or expansions, or heck, even the next title from the dev.

A must have for anyone who likes creeping around dungeons! :)

I usually get turned off by this type of game, but I just had to buy this one. Nothing too fancy in the graphical/sound department, but that's really not what this style of game is about.

Very good distraction.


tza974 says

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I was pleasently surprised by this little gem. When a rogue-like meets a little DnD, well... it ligtens sparks of fun!

I'll wait for more updates and content, with a rather large smile on my face!


Love it!


vistar says

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Мне такие не нравятся


This is my favorite roguelike.


Gameplay is fantastics, unfortunally it lacks everything else. The controls are sluggish, the graphics quite obviously ripped from many different games, the resolution is fixed to a quite low value and it seems to coded quite hacky so you could run in all kind of issues on one system, while it runs perfectly fine on others.

Gameplay alone would be 12/10, everything else 2/10, so 7/10. Sounds about right.

This is a charming retro-style game which does a lot of things well for what it is.
No one would expect overwhelming media experience (graphics or sound) from an old-school roguelike such as this, and so you shouldn't either, because they aren't there. That's ok, I play with the sound off.
There are many little options and quirks that make many of the labyrinths varied enough to be stimulating even after the 20th playthrough. But not all. Some of them are downright frustrating, and not because they require you to think, but precisely because they do not.
Bugs and frequent random crashes in the windows version detract 2 points from my score, and a vastly suboptimal UI detract a further point. Otherwise, if this game runs smoothly for you, this might be a pleasant little distraction for a small sum of money. But as polished and clever as some free games out there (such as Battle for Wesnoth) this is not.

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I like Laby because it's a simple game where the thrill is to find a working combination of skills to overcome every obstacle.
I like the music and the game itself is very addictive you simply can't stop playing it :)
Well done. Keep up the good work!

Feb 19 2012 by diana-mao