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Lost in the Mythic Island (LitMI) is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Game. The core idea is based on the most known First Person Shooter games, altough it has nothing to do with them! The game features many game modes, from which the players can choose! First comes the base story mode, then the death match and finally the capture the flag. Story Mode: Inside you will play based on the game story in an open world, where you will find scary creatures, meet other players, form guids and of course you have to survive! Death Match: Players are spawned inside a map, where they have to kill each other, reaching the maximum score in order to win the game. Capture the Flag: This is the only team mode, where your goal is to capture enemy's flag and bring it to your base. The game includes many unique features, like custom physics, also it compines many type of games, like Role Playing, Survival and Shooter games.

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