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Lost Blades seems to be another common indie game, but it's not (or it won't be). This is the history that any young guy want to live. Sometimes you feel like the life is boring and the routine is killing you a little bit every day? The protagonist feels exactly that. Get into the life of a disemployed 19 y/o guy that can't find a decent job and help him to get that cliché things wanted for every game character: Answers. Oh, and swords. A lot of swords. There's not a girl to rescue, or a big treasure. Discover by yourself what does this game offers.

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- Movement w/animations

- Attack

- Main Menu (not finished)

- Enemies (Base enemy)

- Collisions

- History (Not in game right now, but its practically done)

To-do list:

- Smoother movement

- Jump animation

- Enemy animation

- Improve how to grab and drop swords ingame

- Sounds

- Inventory

- Elemental Orbs (Will make the swords better, also needed to finish the game)

We've started!!

We've started!!


What im supposed to put in this text field? om-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nom...

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Officially we've started making this game after a lot of planning and boring stuff. T.co

Jun 12 2016

Lost Blades official Twitter acc.

Jun 12 2016