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Liveout is a FPS Horror with combat in true Cry Of Fear style! Embark on a journey through a twisted world. You are Richard. A paranormal investigator on the verge of madness. One night you get a phone call from your supervisor Thomas. He promises us the fulfillment of our dreams and a lot of money. But only if we can survive and document our one night stay at Mount Relic Asylum. Lost memories of the girl you loved called Anna plague you're mind. She died inside the asylum years ago. What if you could bring her back would you choose greed or love?

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This is a official update about whats going on with the game.

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Demo wont be updated further, for now focus is on making full game / early access alpha/pre-alpha, ordering new computer 01/07/2016

Currenty Rebuilding the game in Unity 5!

*NEWS 5/27/2016* Liveout is also coming to Steam greenlight in the near future & new trailer is being created aswell! Thank you for you're support!

Download alpha demo v2.1 Below:

Liveout Demo v.2.1Screenshot11Creature designScreenshot

I decided i wanted to do another update for you guys, to clarify on some issues and to bring you more knowledge of what im working on, whats going on and what is in store for the future of Liveout.

As you know i have released demo v2.1 of Liveout. This is a alpha demo and i will keep updating the versions till we reach a well polished stage that both the players feel is polished and that i also feel it is.

I admit the demo has been rushed abit, but i wanted to just have more of an idea of what i want and dont want in the game.

Thanks to all who played v2.1 and i studied the playthroughs and i know there clearly are alot of issues. I'll be glad if you can list all bugs you find. As im typing this im working on the next version. But this time instead of the small changes from v2.0 to v2.1. Im gonna take some more time on this so might be awhile before you will see a new version uploaded, im gonna polish it alot more aswell as add missing / or new features. Besides this i am working with a creative writer for the game to make story better and tell it better, so demo might start in a new way in next build. Im also working with a new composer as of recently and we have gotten some amazing audio produced.

Remember im not a major game studio or anything, im just one person with some connections who wants to build something different. i appreciate everyone who takes interest in the game though i really do.

Bugs that are present in v2.1 atm:

  • I noticed players dont know how to drag and throw physic objects so better explanation in game here is needed, aswell as the highlight system i added needs to be more aggresive in terms of colours since many people walk right past things.
  • Some bottles have pink squares when you hit them with melee weapon. Easy fix tbh.
  • Audio is too loud at places especially during apartment phone call, and/or too much audio is present in general.
  • Character sometimes cant get up from when he is crouched aswell as some collision issues present still in apartments.
  • Minor graphical bugs some places
  • Escape button quits to desktop ( bad idea since people think it brings up a pause menu )

Now what im gonna polish, fix, add for the next version:

  • Add a new main menu using Unity 5 new GUI
  • Add a pause menu that comes up on pressing escape.
  • Add a save system to the game that can be accessed from main menu and pause menu.
  • Fix character controller collisions and getting stuck sometimes.
  • Add different idle animations to hands to make them not appear so stiff.
  • Reduce draw calls at the start of the apartment level, and generally look everything through.
  • Add a new GUI with graphic for flashlight
  • Add a new GUI with a pulsating heart for the players life indicator.
  • Work with my creative writer and come up with the "red thread" write more detailed story aswell as on characters.
  • Implement dialogue with voice synch as seen in other games
  • Implement audio pool system, to better have control of audio and triggers.
  • Add new audio from Composers including Jonathan, have more professional sound.
  • Start demo off in a different way, with a slower pacing and use enviroment to make player learn.
  • Generally need to set pacing for the game atm its too fast and makes it less scary.
  • Reduce movement of the player

Thats all i can think of right now. Thanks for reading!

Because the demo is so confusing and doesn't hold your hand very much ive added this video. I haven't seen many playthroughs i wanted to add one from a guy of youtube if you absolutely cant find your way.

Until next build see you there!

Video below.

(spoiler) FULL playthrough of Liveout alpha demo v2.1 from AllensGameShow!


Looks pretty sweet, keep up the good work.

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Azaxor Author

Thanks man i will :)

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Pretty interesting, more and more horror game are getting released and the over-all style of this one caught my eye.

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Azaxor Author

Thank you if you like my work, check out my other horror game Deep Rest :)

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