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Little War Online is an upcoming crossplatform MMORPG. Featuring fastpaced targetless combat. Soon available on Android, iOS, PC, OSX, Linux & Web.

Little War Online will initially be deployed on Android, iOS, PC and MacOS. We are already planning on a PS4 and XBox version. The coolest thing of all: they will all share the same servers, that means you can play with your friends on your PC, console & phone!

Pick a side in this great war story! Choose between the noble Draxian or the fierce Naru.

Choose wisely! The class you pick is an important choice, each one has its own set of skills and you will carry it in all your adventures over the world. From a rookie to a legend, it's all up to you.

Dps, Tank

The Draxian Knight combines strength, defense and resistance to exceed in combat. Some choose to protect their allies with shields and armor. Others prefer to build up strength and unleash their rage at close range.

Dps, Tank

The Naru Warrior is the most ferocious and savage warrior of the land. With its huge strength and skills he can defend his allies or cause devastating damage.

Dps, Support

The mission of the Draxian Paladin is to protect his foes, bring justice and vanquish evil from the world. These holy warriors are experts in close range combat. The holy power allows him to heal wounds and cast shields on his allies.

Dps, Support

The Naru Necromancer is the spiritual guide of his tribe. They found a path in the mystical realm. These voracious spellcasters summon mystical minions to fight beside them and are experts sorcerer's that can destroy anyone who stands in their way.


From an early age the Naru Archer are trained to mastered the art of bow wielding. They are capable of dishing out high damage at long distance. Besides from their weapon skill, they are the fastest and more agile warriors of the world.


The Naru Lancer is the master of strategy. Using his fierce spear, he can incapacitate, wound and deal huge amounts of damage to his enemies.

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Little War Online is now on Early Access! Everyone can register.


It can be played from PC, web browser and mobile.
You can play on web browser in Game Jolt, download the windows / mac version from their website, or download the app at the play store.

The team has shown a lot of progress and hard work, adding new features every day. Making the game every day more fun and with more content.

If you are into mmorpg and like a pixel art style, then you might give it a look!

Here are some of the features the game has


littlewaronline medals


Here are some screenshots of the game:

3 vs 3 arena
screenshot 1

A Naru Party in a dungeon


Open World PVP in Neverwinter


A low level party getting some XP

little war online gameplay

If you are interested in the game find more about it here:

Website: Littlewaronline.com
Play in Web: Gamejolt.com
Play in PC (windows, mac, linux): Littlewaronline.com
Play in Mobile (currently android, ios coming soon): Play.google.com

Like the game even more? You can invest in it and buy shares. Become part of the team and earn revenue using Bit Start: Bitstart.io

The game doesnt have a release date yet, but looks in good shape for next year.

Thats it for now, as always thanks for the support!


Little War Online Closed Beta complete success!

Little War Online Closed Beta complete success!

News 1 comment

[Livestream Party Game Footage] Hello friends! Last week we had a livestream party with a lot of friends that are playing the closed Beta right now. It...

Little War Online Beta Launching in 11 Days

Little War Online Beta Launching in 11 Days

News 3 comments

11 days for beta launch! we are super excited! We want to share a list of what we were able to include on the beta and what is coming up next.


Ahh, I am so sad, I missed the first beta test, the game looks fun, simple and it's fricking pixel art MMORPG that looks well made (IMO). Is there any date when 2nd beta test will occur?

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Hello Scriptan, the beta is online ! you can create a free acount and play it !!

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I am excited now! Thanks for reminding! ^^

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