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Little Islanders is a cozy god game set in a medieval fantasy world of floating islands, these islands are inhabited by people. Create your own faction, as their god you can help them build their town, expand their population and defend against forces of evil that inhabit their universe.

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Gather resources such as Wood, Food, Stone, Iron and Gold to help your people build and survive. Use Mana to cast powers in the world, cast blessings to help people and cast curses to defend your people.

  • Create your own Faction: Name, Customize and Help them settle their new island.
  • Town Building: From humble beginnings, build houses, farms, taverns and more!
  • Base Building: Palisades, Walls, Armoury and Barracks to turn settlers into soldiers.
  • Unique Settlers: Every settler has traits and skills they can accumulate over their lifetime. Assign their role in society.
  • Interactive World: As a god, you can interact with the world.
  • Power Progression: As your Mana grows, you can unlock new abilities and powers.
  • Decorate & Stylize: Decorate their buildings and their town to match your style.
  • Survival Elements: Gather resources, Help your settlers survive the early-game wilderness, seasonal changes and weather.
  • Colony Sim Elements: Optional macro & micro management interactions to assign important roles to settlers and to manage your town.

Current Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26

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💚 Link to Kickstarter Campaign: Kickstarter.com

➡ Link to Game on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

Steam Little Islanders Kickstart


Thank you to those of you who have helped and support along the way! :)


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Chickens, VFX Tweaks and Details Added

This is an overview:

- Added Chickens
- Added Pecking, Idle and Walking Animations
- Farming interface improvements
- “Cut Down” tree effects added with physics
- Improved and tweaked sleeping “Zzz” particle effects

Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback and helped share Little Islanders around, it’s very much appreciated and it’s a team effort! I will really need the help leading up to the launch day for Early Access :)

Chickens Added to Title Art

If you haven't already, Add Little Islanders to your Wishlist!

You can follow along with development on:

YouTube: Youtube.com
Twitter: Twitter.com
Instagram: Instagram.com
TikTok: Tiktok.com

Little Islanders | Visual Improvements, New Animations and More Added!

Little Islanders | Visual Improvements, New Animations and More Added!


Visual improvements have been made, Color LUT, Added Blinking and Sleeping Animations to Characters too and more...

Little Islanders | New Additions to Characters Update 👨 👩

Little Islanders | New Additions to Characters Update 👨 👩


(Development Progress Log - 29th May 2023) 3D character variations for Settlers, Hair Colours, Skin Colours, Ethnicity, Clothing Colours etc...

Little Islanders | Big Developments and Milestones! :D

Little Islanders | Big Developments and Milestones! :D


2D Sprite Characters overhauled to now be 3D Characters and more!

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