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Linkrealms is a Sandbox MMORPG that harks back to the roots of classic online role-playing games, where community was the center of the user experience, one's choices mattered, and reputation was earned on the battlefield rather than leaderboards. With its mix of old-school design choices, modern features and unique servers, Linkrealms caters to the needs of the hardcore mmo nostalgic as well as to the player looking for a more laidback online experience. Key Features Player-Driven Economy: crafting and trade play a central role. Classless Gameplay: progression is skill-based rather than level-based. Land Ownership: build literally anything, run cultivations and manage livestock. Open World: no dungeon or location is instanced. Unique Pet System: breed pet for genetic traits and train them with rewards and discipline. Hardcore servers: open PvP & full loot, no character transfers. Free To Play: 100% of content available for free, non-invasive item store.

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Summer End 2015 Test - FAQ


Hello everyone,

here’s a short post for you with the most important information you need to know about the next testing phase of Linkrealms – the Summer End test!

When will the test start exactly?

We are going to release the exact date as soon as possible (and consequently update this thread). For now, we can only tell you it will start between the middle of August and the middle of September.

How long will the test run for?

The test will run for 2 weeks. Additional time can be added if deemed necessary by the development team.

I already have a beta key, how do I claim it?

Just visit this page and insert your account credentials and your key to claim it. That will allow you access to the test. If you still don't have a game account, you can create one on this page any time.

I don't have a key, will I get it?

If you have played Linkrealms before it’s guaranteed you will receive a key. If you haven’t, a few hundreds of keys will be sent out to accounts created after the launch of our Steam Greenlight campaign, starting from the oldest ones.

If your account wasn’t old enough to be eligible to obtain a key, don’t give up hope! Key giveaways will also be run on our social pages (Facebook, Twitter and our forums) and gaming news portals. Moreover, bunches of keys are also likely to be given to streamers and youtubers.

Is there a NDA? Can I stream/make videos of Linkrealms?

There is no NDA. You are free to stream the game, upload videos, images, blog posts, and show / discuss Linkrealms every way you like!

Can I pay for a key?

We will soon release our Founder Packages, that will allow you to support the development of Linkrealms and will always include a key to play (even the cheapest ones!).

How many servers will be active during the test? With what ruleset?

Our aim for the Summer End Test is to open only one server. The ruleset (open pvp + full loot or pve) will be decided through a poll submitted to the community. If the results of the poll are even (or anyway close) and the playerbase for the test is large enough, we will create two servers to accommodate everyone's needs. Please keep in mind this decision is strictly about the next testing phase, and is not directed to old testers.


how get a key for free? i can write positive review

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