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A 3D Brawler for one to four players, online and local play. Players are tasked with defending their pike of gold against multiple waves of enemies.

Once the funnel wave is beaten, the players must flee the level, carrying add much gold as they can.

The game had been inspired by a plethora of my personal favourites, including;

Spikers Battle + Spike Out Battle Street + Asian Dynamite + Fighting Forces + State of Emergency + Grabbed by the Ghoulies + Gekido

Wave Survival and Tower Defence gameplay inspired by;

Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare, Team Fortress 2: Mann Vs Machine and Orcs Must Die


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(TLDR: I screwed up a lot in the past but now I'm ready to take a project through to the end.)

I've been on ModDB since 2008 (13 years!), in that time I have been a part of 11 mod projects and 4 games (One of them being my own project).

They were spread over many different game engines and genres, but they all had one thing in common.

Not a single one of them made it to launch.

Failure is a part of game design, especially when you're working as part of or with volunteer teams. Things can start well and then peter out as members lose interest or other commitments become more important, which has happened with me a few times, especially while at university.

6 years ago I landed my first real in-house games job working as a level designer of sorts. My job description was pretty broad but it allowed for me to be creative, explore several areas and learn from my many more experienced colleagues.

I left that job to accomplish some of my other life goals and after several years found myself settling down again with a considerably more professional mindset. I've spent the past few years working with various freelance developers to bring several of my ideas to life as prototypes, the first of which I announced too early. Previously this project was created to follow the progress of a puzzle game about time travel.

The beautiful puzzle game Time Lie, released some months ago, is almost exactly what several years had been spent making. After a bout of depression I moved over to another prototype that showed promise which has grown into this third person shooter/RPG.

I'm excited to get the first videos uploaded in the coming months and to talk in-depth about the core mechanics, the games world and story.

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