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Legions at War is an unique sandbox platform for the enjoyment of turn based strategy games. You control modern military and classical chess units, so be prepared for incredibly challenging turn based challenges in the campaign or massive online tournaments against the best strategic minds in the world. Put your tactical mind to the ultimate test with competitive 1vs1 or 2vs2 or even 3vs3. Legions at war offers groundbreaking TBS & TBT concepts. No random chance, you can only win by out maneuvering your opponent. CROSS PLATFORM Legions at war will be fully cross platform, making use of web based data-basing to store all save games. The game will feature custom board sizes as well as custom unit layouts. Complete history of all layouts Cash Tournaments Several victory conditions

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Quick preview video of the objects we will have available in-game. Beside the 30 movable units.These objects dramatically re-define available strategic option.

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Object/Buildings play an important part in the strategic decisions players will have to make in Legions at War. We plan to add hundreds of Object/Buildings and some will even have their own special abilities

Explosive Barrel


The Explosive barrel will damage all surrounding units. Like all units in Legions at War the explosive barrel's damage & health can also be changed. So be very wary of high damage barrels!



These units are actually vacuum loops. Underneath all the levels their isa network of hyperloop channels. Units can use these channels to travel vast distances. Some units also have the special ability to place these loops on the board.



These buildings increase the range of all foot soldiers and also give an extra layer of protection. Tower buildings also carry with them some cool special abilities like re-supplying unit allowing them an extra move.

Fragile Crates


Crates can be used to temporally block of an area or as a last chance strategy to allow key units to escape an attack.



Bunkers give key protection and re-enforcing attack opportunities to all foot shoulders. Bunkers can also be converted to fallout shelters giving them an extra layer of protection against nuclear attacks.

Nuclear Mines


These deadly mines not only completely destroys any unit regardless of health, it also permanently destroys the game's tile permanently. When used correctly these mines will dictate direction of any unit.


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Beacons extend the radar ability of sam sites, ensuring any surrounding units are protected against the attacks of aerial enemy units.

Release Date Updates

Everything is still on schedule for the game to release Q1 2019, with much more updated to come.

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