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Sea Cross Island was a quiet haven just off the mainland, but recently strange things have been happening! Mysterious creatures known as Fae have started appearing and are wreaking havoc. A young girl named Claudia, is thrust into adventure as she searches for her missing uncle among the chaos. It's a dangerous journey but she's not without friends. Four elementals are drawn to her aid as Claudia finds out that she’s actually a sorceress! Embark on a journey to discover the secret behind the mysterious Faery Gates. Key features: 50 + levels Upgrade customization Cute Monsters! Active time puzzle combat! Boss Battles!

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A very nice marriage of match three puzzle gameplay and turn based combat.


Legend of Fae is a very entertaining and challenging puzzle game. It features gorgeous sprite-based graphics and has a perfect blend of match-three puzzle and RPG combat mechanics in a fast-paced battle system. I enjoyed the story and character design, though the story is mostly just a framework for the rest of the game's puzzles and combat.

The only major gripes I have are the occasionally large difficulty spikes, which can be very luck-based and frustrating (especially the final boss), and that you HAVE to complete the game on hard to get the true ending. It's worth it, but it would have been nice to know that in advance, especially for such a challenging game.

Overall, well worth the price and a lot of fun and charm.


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Charming game, neat puzzle/combat mechanic, ignore the haters.

Look, I'm sure you have steam installed, it's no big deal. You'll love this game.


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