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LoA is the first ever 3D game developed on Unity 3D platform based on the great Indian epic of Mahabharata. The game is centered on the 13th day of this mother of all wars, picked specifically to portray the essence of one of the greatest battles in the history of India fueled by the fierce pride of two warring clans. Releasing on January 2017



ACY Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Based in United States of America

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The Legend of Abhimanyu - LOA is the first ever true 3D Mobile Action Adventure game based on “Indian Mythology”, inspired by the epic Mahabharata. This is the story of a sixteen-year-old boy, Abhimanyu, who was born as a mortal, on the request of Gods, to save good from the evil in a war in which there was nobody left except him to fight all alone with the invincible warriors of that era. This uniquely designed mobile game with enriched art, exciting gameplay and a technology that make it fun to play; bring the unrivaled console gaming experience on mobile platform. The thrilling cinematic war setup with amazing graphics, real-time combat actions, boss battles, supernatural villains with amazing attacking powers and incorporation of war strategy to break all the levels; give the game player an unmatched experience in this role-playing game. A war where even Gods are also avoiding to get into, survival is beyond imagination, the human relationships take a new definition, the thrills of play keep on breaking its limits as the level goes up; the game player is expected to be wowed and fall in love with LOA.


ACY Entertainment is a combined effort of four people who joined hands to transform their desire into a reality. The quartet put a tremendous amount of effort in creating a team that can bring in entertainment and creativity simultaneously. With the motive of providing a diverse and engaging environment, we aim to give you a unique looking world that will leave you with an unforgettable experience. The company started with Gaurav Mehta as the Producer of ACY and a talented pool of people who started working on the LOA game. The team is proud of the fact that they are working on a concept that will put forward ancient war strategies in the form of a game for the global audience. The team has the expertise in creating different games for different genres and is determined to impress the world. The strong and dedicated team of game artists, concept artists, programmers, technical director, and quality analysts, went through the journey full of hardships and challenges and is now about to release the very first game of ACY that ensures pure entertainment.


  • action adventure mobile game
  • hack and slash mobile game
  • action adventure mobile game


Legend of Abhimanyu : Official Gameplay Trailer [i YouTube

Legend of Abhimanyu | In-Game Engine Footage | 3D Mobile Game | Action Adventure Mobile Game  YouTube


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A developer of hack 'n' slash games including Legend of Abhimanyu.

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