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Legacy of Svarog is a 3D Action RPG and Adventure Game hybrid based on Slavic Mythology. Fight enemies, investigate crimes, build your keep from the ground up and make choices with real story changing consequences. The game features multiple playable characters and an in-depth and responsive combat system that rewards patience and planning. Meet characters and deities from the little known stories of the Ancient Slavs.


This is a Pre-Alpha Demo for Legacy of Svarog. The demo includes the beginning of the story and the first combat area a boss plus a bonus area with skeletons. You can choose to play Yaroslav by accepting to help the prince or Vasilisa by refusing to help the prince and asking her instead. Known Issues and Features: *Saving during combat is not enabled, this is by design. *Graphics, UI, and menus are still in their pre-alpha state but combat and conversation systems are complete. Please feel free to leave us any feedback you have, we will be happy to answer any questions.

Legacy Of Svarog PC
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