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We've been greenlit! We will be doing an early access sometime in the future.


... is a rogue-like, procedurally generated, open world, character driven RPG. You play a character of your creation within the world, until that unavoidable day comes in which s/he is no more. At this point you will create a new character, a descendant! This new character can be any race, or half race, that you have unlocked through romancing with previous characters, s/he will inherit certain traits of your previous characters as well as gaining the social status of being a child of your previous character. The world will change over this time as well, old friends will die, new enemies will arise, factions will war, the terrain will change, and the world in which your new character embraces may be but a shell of the world you once knew. If you failed to save a kingdom from destruction, be prepared to find the ruins of a once great city in it's place, if you succeeded in bringing a man of greed to power, be prepared to pay the consequences of creating a new dictatorship in the world.

The lore and setting...

is deeply inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and Lord of the Rings, just really awesome fantasy settings that you can lose yourself in, dragons, ogres, goblins, elves, you name it, I'll do my best to pack as much in.

The combat...

has drawn inspirations from games like Mount and Blade and Dark Souls, with strategic, thought out, and well paced action. We have made some serious innovations to traditional hack'n'slash combat that will be an easy to learn system, but incredibly difficult to master.

The Procedural Content...

in Legacy goes much further than simply generating terrain. When you first create a world, and the continent in which your first character will reside, the world will generate the initial terrain, the vegetation that would grow over time, the factions and races that would arise in different regions as well as the wars from conflicted ideologies and goals. Even beyond this though, in an RPG, the most important interaction one can have is with other characters in the world, for this reason each character that the player will ever meet will have their own generated back story, needs, wants, and social status in the world, using this information we generate "quests".

The customization...

in Legacy is quite extensive and goes beyond character creation. Between being able to assemble weapons part by part, you will also be given the option to choose which primary, secondary... materials you make your weapons and armor out of. In terms of character creation, there will be potentially hundreds of races to choose from, eye color, hair, the works, etc.

Puzzles and platforming...

because why not? We love the Zelda franchise, and a change in pace is always good, finding secret treasure and hidden areas in the game is a must for us since it really makes the game world feel that much more real. Most of the puzzles will be within dungeons and tombs to make sure that we can get the best quality in terms of difficulty and to make sure that they can not be exploited.

Classes and races...

are a must in any fantasy game. You will unlock new classes and races to play, this, as well as your bloodline fame, will carry over as meta progress between characters. As it currently stands you will have to romance a specific race to unlock it with some restrictions on half breeding, the class system will most likely be open ended, with traditional RPG stats and level as play skills.

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Firstly, I'd like to apologize for this late update. The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy for myself as I've been working on getting another game I'm working on (that pays the bills) ready for release, cyber chicken. When I refer to "Two weeks progress..." I am referring to the two weeks progress that were done after our last post. So what have we been doing since then? A lot of back end stuff, flow charts for combat, designing and discussing overall game flow and design, etc. Anywho, without further ado...

Two weeks progress...

These past two weeks have been incredibly productive over here at DPS Games and there are still plenty of things in the works that won't be included in this update. Between designing and developing the backed for the societies, factions, guilds, religions, characters, AI and setting up the world generation to create massive continents there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Now onto the stuff that I can show you...

Shader Updates

I've made some massive improvements to the shader over the past two weeks, since we are using a fully custom lighting setup with shaderforge we can do a lot of cool things. Among these new changes/additions are....
Backlight/Fresnel Effect which takes into account ambient lighting and the light color and power.
Specular Color and Specular Masking, Still using the one 512x512 image system per material. Softness, which allows us to have light to bleed across the toon line, this looks great on softer things like skin and cloth. Vertex Shading "Suggestion" and Vertex Darkening, this is effectively an artist controlled toonified ambient occlusion that is done on the shader end, it allows us to define muscularity on characters bodies or wrinkles on their faces. Last but not least, we now have toon shadows, this is something that has been urking me for a while, but now we have nicely matched the shadows with the art style perfectly, I'm super happy with all of this!!!

Updated Character Animator

Something incredibly crucial to making a game "feel" right is making sure your animations properly convey what is going on in the world that might be unseen as well as making the characters feel real. Thanks to our awesome programmers Javier and Jereon, we are doing things like making characters lean when taking sharp turns, turning their heads to look the way they are going, and actively slowing their momentum, all of which reacts to the outside world physics.

Updated Character Bone Scaling

I take serious pride in this incredible bone scaling system that Sam has come up with in Unity. With the current setup we can effectively blend between races, have the characters breath (and react accordingly to the outside world), as well as in the future, transform (like into a freaking werewolf!!). Sam has also recently optimized the entire equip system by combining all the character body parts and equipment together.

Face Blending

A concern among Sam and I for a little while has been deciding way which we would represent the facial features of half breeds. Our old method was to swap out a head mesh, but we can't just have 500 head meshes lying around for every possible combination, especially if we want the player to have some control over what facial features they prefer. We have solved this now with some clever use of blend shapes, this is used to define femininity and age in the face as well. We also now use this for changing the torso to a female, this allows for the player to also choose their breast size.

Sprite Emotions

Thanks to some clever shader programming and scripting by one of our extended team members, Brett, along with eyes that can look at world space objects, we also now have the ability to give the player faces emotion through sprite swapping, kicking it nintendo style.

Render Distance

What is a massive open world if you can't actually see that you're in a massive open world?! A not very cool massive world, that's what! I've been thinking of some different ways to handle this for some time, and for now our current solution looks great and runs quite fine as well. We simply have a secondary camera that renders a texture at the back of our main camera draw distance in real time. The secondary camera goes very far (currently 10km), the need for this is to stop zfighting issues on objects and shadows, and so far it is working perfectly!

Thanks for the read everyone! :)

Legacy: Unity 5 BIG UPDATES!

Legacy: Unity 5 BIG UPDATES!

News 4 comments

What's new with Legacy?! A whole lot, these past two weeks, after the a couple of the programmers settling, has been extremely productive. We've implemented...

Legacy: Unity 5 Groundwork and Development Streaming

Legacy: Unity 5 Groundwork and Development Streaming


Hey everyone, just a general update on how things are going. We've finished moving the art assets and finalized the style in Unity 5, and things are looking...

Legacy Art Revision #3 and Full Team

Legacy Art Revision #3 and Full Team


Hey guys, in this article I will be showing hopefully the final primarily art update as well as talking about the current full core and extended team...

Legacy Art Revision #2 and Quest for Final Team Members

Legacy Art Revision #2 and Quest for Final Team Members

News 5 comments

Hey guys, in this article I will be giving some more updates on how the art revision is going, also talking about the changes to the way the IndieDB page...

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I don't have the game but it also kinda reminds me of that Ubisoft game XIII. Cell shaded. Looks very promising.

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On version 0.97, on first run I'm getting this issue on some machines:


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anarcheril Creator

I've PM'd you with my steam!

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well.. i like cartoony stylized games, but after i begin the demo i started to fight with first skeleton. i hit it like million times and it didnt die. so i rage quited :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
anarcheril Creator

Haha I'm sorry to hear that, the first couple statue skeletons are destroyed by performing the specific combat mechanic described on screen, I'll see if I can make that more apparent in the future.

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hmm, for some reason my screen is cut off just before the play button on the right side so I can`t get past the weapon creation screen.

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Same problem here but I noticed this in Windowed mode.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
anarcheril Creator

The problem should be fixed in the 0.97 version. :)

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I have trouble-shooted further, this exists if the pre-set resolution is set 1280 x 800, a common occurrence on several different machines. This problem is in both Windowed Mode, Full-screen.

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Ahhhh! I love it so much! It has a Wind Waker type art-style, which is awesome, and the combat is epic, and I actually feel like I'm having more input in my strikes than the generic clicky-clicky slashy-slashy in most games. But of course this can make it pretty tricky, though that's another thing I love about it :D I never knew I wanted this until now :3 Can't wait to see how it turns out!

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anarcheril Creator

Thank-you very much for the feedback! We are still hard at work refining the combat system and are very excited to keep everyone updated!

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