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Last Survivor is third person, online, skill-based, arena game that is a unique mash up of "Battle Royale" game mods, "Hunger Games" movie and "Dark Souls" game series. Prepare for an newest game experience that never been before presented in stand alone game!

The game rules are according to those like in battle royale "genre", where players survive in the arena, which is shrinking over time. The character starts the game with no weapons or any kind of stuff, all produced in the course of the game.

Duration of the game takes place in the nearest post-apocalyptic future, where people were forced to do things, tools and weapons from what remains of the past civilizations in order to survive. Completion of food stocks worldwide has forced people to become cruel and bloodthirsty. It began a fierce struggle for water, food, fuel and means of transport. After the years, the problems with electricity have been solved, and were created and restored the states. In the restored cities most dangerous criminals were placed to prisons, that are different from those that were in a bygone society…

One of the entertainment of the people was to watch how the prisoners are sent to the specially built arenas, to tear each other to pieces. They go easily to this "deal" so they get a freedom for winning, because the conditions of their imprisonment, at least unbearable, and the audience get what they were waiting for - the bloody spectacle. To fights were less protracted, some time later, the arena fills in with a poisonous gas to narrow the territory of the arena and increase the chance that the prisoners will meet with each other. At the disposal of the prisoners are all kinds of bladed weapons, booby traps and everything that would make it possible to act as more spectacular.

Core Game Features
• Elements of survival
• Skill-based competitive fights
• Crafting
• Looting
• XP and Skills

Future plans
• Much more assets (new models, textures, animations, FX`s and other staff) and maps
• More game mechanics like customization & customizable skins & throwing weapons
• Early Access on the beta stage
• Blackjack and hooke...???
• PROFIT!!! :)

More about gameplay
The game is focused on the hardcore players who are to the liking of skill based gameplay where each weapon, skill or any other element of the game is balanced, and it does not matter at what level a player is, and what weapons, armor or something else he has - the end of game depends on the one who knows best and who is a master of the mechanics of the game.

Currently made
Skills system, stimulators crafting, weapon enhancement, 4 classes of weapon (about 20 types), combat system that consists of 3 punch combo + extra strokes (for example, after forward roll can make a special strike).

Beginning of the game
After all players have joined the game match - they start it in the air with a parachute jump. At this point, you can see where lands each player according to maneuvering in one direction or another. All possible loot in the game appears randomly in a random places. After the start, the players have two ways: either run to the building in the hope of finding weapons or mines or to flee into the forest zone, where you can find the ingredients for crafting stimulators that are sure to come in handy if you plan to take first place. After the start of the game in 5 minutes, one of the four sides will spread gas, which after 10 minutes will cover the whole arena. Being asphyxiated by gas, you can cure health only by use of stimulator, otherwise you will lose a small amount of lives gradually.

The character has two main characteristics - health and stamina and 5 possible statuses, which are imposed under the influence of certain factors. With health everything is clear, when you get hit, health is lose, the same is when you damaged with fire, et cetera, everything is standard. At zero health character dies. Health can be regenerated with using a special stimulator. Stamina is spent when to run, to fight and to do other actions, but do not spend if you go. Stamina is regenerated over time, or you can also fill it, using a special stimulator. Stamina ends very quickly, so the player can not infinitely evade attacks and thus cause significant damage. It is necessary to balance and to realize the situation, and according to this plan their actions.

They are five (burning, poisoning, shock, stunning and bleeding), each has its own effect and brings some discomfort upon receipt. There is a variety of ways to get any status, about it will be written later. Not every status takes off the health, for example, when receiving shock player loses visibility, it becomes much more difficult to navigate, and there must either retreat or help yourself with a stimulator. Also, using stimulators can increase the level of damage or temporarily increase the protection against it, which is also undoubtedly help with survival.

At the moment, there is only melee weapons. The weapon can be classified into:
- heavy two-handed (hammers, bats, cutters, etc...)
- fast one-handed weapons (daggers, knives, etc...)
- the average one-handed weapons (swords, maces, axes, etc...)
- one-handed spear

Weapon parameters
Attack speed, damage and stamina cost. Each weapon is significantly different from the other. Each player will find a weapon on his preference. Each weapon has two main parameters: crushing damage and piercing-cutting. Some of this type of weapon damage is combined with, for example, 5 crushing and 3 piercing-cutting.

These settings affect the way your opponent will be damaged. Upon impact with a weapon that has a piercing and a cutting damage, the enemy with a 100% chance will gain the status of bleeding for 20 seconds. When you hit the enemy on the head with a weapon, that has crushing damage, there is a 50% chance that the enemy will be stunned and disoriented within 10 seconds (stun can be cured with the help of a stimulator).

Also, there are 5 types of mines that match Title: fragmentation, shock, stun, gas and fire. In addition to imposing various negative effects, each mine is causing some damage, but no more than 20% of maximum health.

It presented as a stimulator (potion) creating that will help you in survival. Available 3 ingredients to create a stimulator, all the ingredients can be assembled only in the forest zone (look around buildings makes no sense). The action of timulators is very different: the treatment, increased damage, stamina regenerate and much more. At the start you have 5 units of each ingredient that should be enough for a couple of any timulators. Crafting also presented as a weapon enhancement system.

At the beginning of the game you have one point skill. For the murder of every opponent you are given one point. Skills influence not only on the performance of the player, they cover different aspects of the game such as stamina or health, but also for certain skills - such as the ability to lunge after a roll forward. Some skills can be leveled up to an unlimited number of times, others only once. Throughout the game you will not be able to pump all the skills, so each session is unique in its kind. In one session, you can make the strong hardy warrior and the other trickster with a dagger. It all depends on you.

Launch date
Early Access beta release in Q1 2016 and 1.0 release in Q3 2016.

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Last Survivor on Greenlight!


Name: Last Survivor
Genre: 3rd person online action/battle royale
Game engine: Unity 5
Network: PUN (Photon Unity Network)

For someone who does not know what “battle royale” genre means: Youtu.be – this is H1Z1 and Arma 2/3 like game mod and in some other games but melee-oriented.
The game rules are according to those like in "genre" battle royale, where players survive in the arena, which is shrinking over time. The character starts the game with no weapons or any kind of stuff, all produced in the course of the game.

Launch date

Early Access beta release in Q1 2016 and 1.0 release in Q3 2016.

Technically completed a lot - all is ready at 80%, at least for the early access release at Steam, which is planned in the next 4 months. To the release date will be signed contract (what we find on devgamm) with one of the publishing houses to provide funding for marketing and consulting services for the project for certain royalties and distribution model of the project will be a classic (bought game).

Visual part of the game is a temporary stopper and in no way does not meet the quality standards specified by us. And to achieve these exacting standards - we need you!

Who we need:
• Concept artists for environment, characters and weapons
• 3D environment artists
• 3D weapon artists
• 3D sculpting artists
• FX\Sound artists
• Photogrammetry artists
• Lighting Unity 5 artist
• GUI and HUD interface artists / designers
• 3D animators for editing some recorded mo-cap animations
• Other non-programming roles
• Particles creator for Unity 5
• Inverse Kinematic expert for Unity 5
• Post processing expert for Unity 5
• Shader expert for Unity 5

The project developed the efforts of two mans except for the last 2 (of 9) months when have joined us 3 artists. Because of the lack of investment at this stage is involved in the project will not be paid, at least until the early access Steam and first profit (now all works for portfolio - free). We have not much time to the EA release, so people without portfolio will be denied. All who are interested in participating in the development and promotion of this ambitious project please write to this address: antisocial4tr@gmail.com On the forums, we will not respond because we didn`t so lot time(it was published on tens of dev forums). In a letter to specify a link to a portfolio or send examples directly to email.
P.s. Please write request`s solely on the fact of my appeal to you on the recruiting. At the moment, all the criticism and suggestions are expressed solely by our developers and testers from the outside. All messages coming to email on these topics and everything that does not apply to business proposals, marketing services and direct desire to contribute to the project will be ignored.

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Rim2812 Creator

Please support us on greenlight- Steamcommunity.com

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