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In some parallel, fictional world, a secret society has infiltrated
the government. The rule of law has been subjugated. Drinking
water and food are stacked with mind-altering chemicals to
heighten suggestibility and euphoria.

Free will has nearly been erradicated by brainwave transceiver
networks and widespread use of mind control. Convictions in
absentia without evidence are routine. Journalism is banned. Art
is edited or destroyed by a militarized censorship bureau.

People able to distinguish between their own thoughts and
those received from external sources (or caught disseminating
the truth) are quickly rounded up into camps for "rehabilitation."
Dissidents are lobotimized or exterminated when captured.

Our protagonist - Last Real Hero - devotes his life to airlifting

self-aware civilians to secret bunkers, where individual thought
is safeguarded by field generators. Any undercover conspirators
rescued are also freed from control, losing all malevolent intent.

Please see the website for more information.
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Last Real Hero 1.0.0 - AIR Application

Last Real Hero 1.0.0 - AIR Application

Full Version

Released November 29th, 2015. Requires Adobe AIR 3.6+ (get.adobe.com/air).

Last Hero Hero 1.0.0 - Android App

Last Hero Hero 1.0.0 - Android App

Full Version

Released November 29th, 2015. Requires Adobe AIR 3.6+ (get.adobe.com/air, Google Play, ..).

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LastRealHero Creator

1.0.0 changelog:

- high scores system revised. there are now seperate leaderboards for survival and each world.
- existing high scores tables from play-test/pre-1.0.0 releases will automatically be imported the first time 1.0 is loaded, but after doing so, versions of Last Real Hero prior to 1.0.0 will no longer have them, and any subsequent scores recorded by earlier versions AFTER playing 1.0 will be lost if 1.0 is played again.
- Hardcore Mode gameplay now starts at 0 aircraft remaining instead of 1. the first 1UP is received either by getting 50000 points or by taking 1st place (whichever is first).
- added rocks on the ground to the scenery in World 3.
- added arrive/depart transitions to World 3 rescue trucks.
- blimps destroyed now have a blast radius and damage nearby enemies (and the player, if too close).
- added note during gameplay re multitouch for mobile devices that support it after it hasn't been used for a given amount of time (it's pretty much necessary without the hover state of a mouse. you can still play LRH on mobile devices without multitouch but it wasn't designed for those).
- update to lighting system with regard to debris.
- time dilation no longer part of automatic drops (run count, placement).
- additional collectible drops for reaching new high scores table placement (beyond points given at each) of 15th, 10th and 5th or higher have been improved.
- max aircraft passenger capacity at any given time changed to:
- world 1: 5
- world 2: 6
- world 3: 7
- +1 on hardcore, up to a maximum of 9.
- +1 per run, up to a maximum of 9.
- misc. other changes, optimizations, bug fixes, etc.

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LastRealHero Creator

0.9.3 changelog:

- added World 3, desert theme. enemies: blimps with lasers, more difficult helicopters, more difficult drones.
- added "Beam Weapon" powerup, available in random drops. replaces primary weapon (machine gun) while active.
- added "Weapon Upgrade" powerup, available in random crate drops. if a locked-on target is destroyed before the homing missile/rocket strikes it, the nearest enemy will become the target instead of the projectile deactivating and tumbling away.
- added "Shielding Upgrade" powerup, available in random crate drops. makes health and armor 1.5 times as many segments as usual (36 each instead of 24). transition to/from is relative (i.e. if health is 12 when getting this powerup, it becomes 18 - and vice versa).
- fixed the following issues:
- since 0.9.2: onboard civilian limit brackets weren't aligned with the bottom of the screen on the HUD. onboard civilian list section of the HUD has been revised.
- since 0.9.2 (probably): if civilians were parachuting after player aircraft loss/ejection, they were still considered onboard.
- since 0.9.0 (probably): rapidly pausing/unpausing could lead to the pause menu not displaying (although one could still resume with the unpause button at the top right of the HUD).
- after resuming from app suspend (Android), when not paused (i.e. menu, stage complete, game over) elapsed time glitch with particle systems in particular.
- memory consumption issue caused by some function references not actually being references/pointers (transitions, lighting).
- issues with airstrike positioning and debris
- helicopters sitting on the ground at the far right can't be destroyed until they start their engines/lift off.
- changed world camera perspective, the ground can now be seen on all stages.
- rewrote lighting system. updated environment lighting for scenery (sky, hills, foliage, streetlamps, etc.). possibly more tweaks to translucency and reflectivity of some content in future updates.
- revised debris system, fragments now stick to the ground and fade out after a while if "enhanced effects" option is enabled. exact duration before disappearing is based on how many fragments in the scene at any given time. if not enabled, they disappear when they hit the ground.
- added current high score table placement (if any) to the HUD and how many points are required to hit the next placement.
- hitting Abort from the Pause Menu now ends the game (Game Over), shows any high scores placement based on current points, and adds the run to the High Scores table (if good enough to place). same note above re allowed device storage applies.
- added HUD messages upon taking the next position on the high scores table
- note: to actually keep the position indicated, you must complete the World or (in Survival Mode) reach game over, or game over at any time during play by pausing the game then tapping/clicking Abort. Hitting "Retry" from the pause menu will NOT save your score.
- several collectibles are spawned each time a new high scores table position is taken. specifics left to be discovered ;)
- increased touch range of crates, collectibles and bonus art pieces ("gems" the bonus stage art is composed of).
- revised bonus art transition in. also revised art debris fragment transition out (though technically, transition out change is a byproduct of debris revisions).
- updated the UFO beam weapon (appearance and gameplay balance).
- updated rooftop and parachute civ drawing; reduced head size by 25% and tweaked shading.
- enemy destroyed points, enemy damage and enemy destroyed count increment should now be credited to the player even when it was by other means (airstrikes, UFOs).
- hitting a bomber's falling bomb now has a base points credit of 7 (there was no points credit before).
- the next structure being flown to now blinks the target locking animation around it (as opposed to only when the target combo is locked). clicking the same structure before or during landing will cancel the locked sequence of structures immediately and transition the aircraft back to regular flight. the same structure can be targeted/landed on again if rescues remain (after the red/cancel target lock animation ends).
- some tweaking to objectives for gameplay balance. possibly more tweaks in future updates.
- misc. other changes, optimizations, bug fixes, etc.

There will likely be at most another 2-3 minor revisions before this game is finished / released as 1.0. I am aware of the 9-slice pixel snapping issue on Galaxy Note 3 - that's on the agenda along with a revised New Game menu page and some overall polish and fleshing out of the stages with more scenery (rocks on the ground etc.). Aside from that I don't have much more in store for this game.. although it's possible I'll add some destructible towers on World 3 and a turret on the truck for cover fire where you drop civilians.

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LastRealHero Creator

Next release has new content, powerups, optimizations, bug fixes and more! Coming later this month.

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LastRealHero Creator

0.9.2 changelog

- fixed the 0.9.1 multilock issue (combo limit glitch during/after use).
- while busy at a structure (pickup or dropoff), the aircraft can now be touched to lift off instead of continuing. remaining civilians will be left where they are (either onboard or on the structure). the structure can be targetted again to resume pickup/dropoff. this technique can be used to dodge incoming projectiles. tap-to-reload is called automatically at the same time.
- added winter-themed bonus art pieces for World 2 bonus stages. minor touchups and changes to World 1 bonus art.
- bonus art now starts at a random index instead of always starting at the same piece first.
- updated rooftop civilian art and config to match the new set of portraits by Kate O'Keefe.
- added windy weather/leaves to World 1.
- weather system particles are now pushed around by blasts (homing missiles, rockets, bombs, airstrikes, etc.) when the "Enhanced Effects" option is enabled.
- snowflakes caught too close to blasts melt and fall as raindrops.
- increased minimum airstrike interval from 4 seconds to 7.
- added option "Black & White Gameplay". do note this may reduce the framerate on older devices.
- civilian parachute animations at ejection.
- there is now at most a total of 5 draw calls/texture swaps at any given time. all UI/menu components (except within the website preloader) are now integrated with Stage3D (sync and performance optimization).
- turning off the multisampling option now applies to all draw calls.
- increased the target combo limit to 20 (normal and hardcore).
- drone canisters destroyed now give base points of 5 while onboard drone and 15 while falling (previously was 10 points either way). no more canister destroyed "bonus" sound if still onboard drone, despite still getting some additional points vs. drone without canister.
- improved transition to bonus stage upon meeting all objectives.
- onboard civilians now lean left and right with the motion of the aircraft.
- combo displayed on HUD now also reflects/includes hardcore and survival multipliers.
- misc. other changes, optimizations, bug fixes, etc.

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LastRealHero Creator

Note: There is a combo limit glitch in 0.9.1 with Multi-Lock Collectible! Use at your own risk! The issue during/after use will not exist in 0.9.2.

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LastRealHero Creator

0.9.1 changelog

- reduced size of the pineapple bonus art (was too high, often annoying to hit the top)
- changed passenger limits during Survival. As of 2nd survival, stage 4+ can always carry up to 7. 3rd Survival, can ALWAYS carry up to 7.
- removed hare mode powerup near beginning of stage 1 (accidentally left it there after testing)
- when the stage/world complete menu and the game over menu appears, buttons are now disabled for half a second to avoid accidental taps/clicks intended for gameplay.
- new powerup, "multi-lock": the same target can be tagged/locked while already tagged/locked. rapidly tap on a target to send a barrage of homing missiles.
- player flight between rescue pickup/dropoff locations is now more direct. moving "through" buildings blocking the path to the target is a "glitch" I can live with (previously, the aircraft would rise to a position above the rooftops first).
- tapping the aircraft will now reload the primary weapon.
- added collectibles for time of day shift (sun and moon icons)
- crate drops are now randomized and each crate will have a different one until all available for the time/stage/difficulty have been dropped. the next drop order will then be randomized again. this prevents the occurance of specific collectibles not showing up even though more crates have been opened than the number of available dropped collectibles. ..such as not a single health collectible or several of the same type in a row (although two in a row could still happen - the final crate of a random order containing the same collectible as the first crate of the next random order).
- crates can now be targetted/chained in combos
- stage/world completion exit transition for the aircraft
- hardcore mode now allows up to 7 tagged targets (normal mode is 5).
- misc. changes to difficulty curve (Hardcore and Survival run #)
- airstrikes now only occur in Hardcore Mode. while Lucky, player takes no damage from airstrikes.
- airstrikes (Hardcore Mode only) now have a minimum interval where pickup/dropoff can be achieved with little or no damage if timed properly.
- damage per hit by player in Hardcore Mode is now 1.5X.
- added awards, 1UP/100,000 points, 10,000 points/100 rescues.
- a number of collectibles are dropped when starting the 2nd run or later in Survival mode
- while Lucky, points combo will not drop from damage (but will still reset when losing an aircraft)
- other misc changes, improvements, bug fixes, etc.

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LastRealHero Creator

0.9.0 changelog

- revised logo, backstory, splash/intro
- replaced font, numerous visual updates/changes
- "enhanced effects" toggle affects menu world
- "hardcore mode" toggle added to Options menu
- "multisampling" toggle added to Options menu
- "weather effects" toggle added to Options menu (and snow on World 2)
- "survival mode" available on New Game menu (game repeats after final stage, getting harder each time)
- combo no longer drops due to nearby airstrikes
- color of points effects reflect current combo
- exact damage taken to armor and health is displayed
- points combo no longer reset at start of bonus stages
- points are now also awarded per piece of bonus art hit
- each bonus art fully taken out spawns a collectible
- a message of the effect is now displayed per collectible
- new "Hare Mode" powerup, movement rate boost (rescuing/etc.)
- new "Time Dilation (1.5X)" powerup (Hardcore Mode only)
- new "Rapid Reload" powerup, 4X faster primary weapon reloading
- various UI performance and usability improvements
- HUD scale now detached from UI scale for consistency (except for logo, pause, fullscreen buttons - these change to HUD scale during gameplay).
- gameplay balance adjustments, updates, bug fixes, etc.

I'll put together and post new screenshots/video soon.

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LastRealHero Creator

Note re playing on the website: some browsers' Flash Player plugins are slower than others. For me personally, Firefox and IE work great. Opera and Chrome not so great.. switching to fullscreen improves them somewhat, but still not to 60fps.

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LastRealHero Creator

0.8 changelog:

- replaced/removed Feathers UI, fixed some bugs, added some polish.. enjoy!

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LastRealHero Creator

Correction: there will be a 0.8 soon, implementing a custom and lightweight Feathers UI replacement (mostly found this necessary thanks to a SpinnerList control issue with scaling in Flash Player version - and for my current project). Performance and memory footprint improvements as a result. Also should have another [occasional] gameplay issue resolved which was introduced in the previous update (0.7.2), and a bit more polish sprinkled around as well :). ..I just can't seem to stop myself from improving LRH after having worked on it for so long, despite my frequent desire to never to look at it again - love/hate relationship, I guess!

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