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In a medieval persistent world, on a huge map shared by all the community of players, develop your territory, build your cities, trade your resources, make the right alliances and become the ruler of an Empire.

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Great game, I can definitely recommend this for anyone who's into Medieval history. Think Crusader Kings 2 meets SimCity, it's something like that. The game has knights and swineherds; war and city building; vassal trees from Empires and Kingdoms down to Baronies and Lordships.

If I had to name a downside of the game, it's that the UI of the game can feel rather clunky at first. However, there's a great deal of depth in the game that you can explore, and nearby realms as well as the LoL forum will be more than happy to help!

Definitely a fun game if you are into games like Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings. Each player represents a single house with up to three concurrent characters managing their estates and fighting for their lot in the world. This large political medieval sandbox offers a great structure for immersive, political roleplay with a nice city-building aspect.

The chief downsides are the clunky user interface, the complicated mechanics and the lack of tutorials. It's best to discover the game with the help of friends and more experienced players as the wealth of options and possibilities may leave you clueless for what's functional and necessary when starting out.

A complicated, and fun game made of equal parts Grand Strategy, City Builder, Political manager, and Roleplay.

Simplemente el mejor juego multi-jugador en su tipo. Lands of Lords es un mundo complejo y apasionante para aquellos amantes de la época Medieval. ¿Quieres ascender en la nobleza?, ¿Quieres tener el mayor ejército?, ¿La ciudad más hermosa?, ¿Ser el jugador más adinerado?. Todo esto y mucho más lo puedes encontrar en este universo.

Lands of Lords is a free-to-play medieval persistent world, which gives freedom to players to choose their own playstyle. Start with a small domain and become emperor of the world. The game is not scripted, so you can choose what tools you use to become rich and powerful. Trading, military or politics all this is possible to leave your mark in the world of Lands and Lords. Be warned every decision you make can effect, not just your domain, but also the course of the whole world!

Gioco a questo browser game da ormai alcuni mesi e posso affermare senza alcun dubbio che è uno dei migliori giochi del suo genere a cui abbia mai giocato.
La primissima cosa che mi attirò nel mondo di Land of Lords è stata la mappa di gioco, medievaleggiante, dettagliata a volte ricorda le antiche cartine che si possono trovare nelle nostre biblioteche.
Una volta superato l'innamoramento iniziale il gioco dimostra una larghezza ed uno spessore senza eguali: dozzine di differenze risorse e catene produttive per ottenerle, decine di edifici produttivi, militari civili e un complesso sistema di relazioni con gli altri giocatori.
in conclusione, siete appassionati di medioevo? castelli e cavalieri? storia e/o politica? Pensate di avere le carte in regola per formare un valoroso Regno dal nulla? Questo è il gioco che fa per voi allora.

Awesome game!


This game is dream.
It's like Crusader Kings, only online. Community super, help beginners. Players from different countries.
Frequent updates that make the game even better. This is the game I've been looking for. I'm delighted!


habb says

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In fact, the problem is that the developer helps his friends in the game and uses admin powers against players he does not like. This can be as in balance changes a second before the battle, even in punishment ban.

If somebody don't like simplicity in games, this one is definetely for him. The game covers complex system of medieval-like economics, political system, heraldics and other things. Major problem is, if ever, the community: this may vary, but actually there're both greedy, egoistic liars and honorable, charitable people. It only depends on who is hidden behind monitor.
I play this game since February and can confirm that the game requires using brain much. It has minor problems with UI, but Admin (who works solely on it, with only advices of his council) tends to fill all loopholes if they are existing.

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