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A dungeon crawler. About 3 friends and their quest for an unknown treasure. Developed by ManyHat for 1-2 players. Requirements: You will need a DX11 supported graphics card to play!

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i'ts playable

A fun little hack'n'slash game. Not deep, but easy to pick up and play. Worth plying!

very fun

This game makes a good introduction to ARPG games for non-fans.

I played through with my dad and we had fun. The classes are different enough to feel unique, and the graphics and music are nice. There's essentially no depth to levelling: stats are boosted automatically when you level up, and by finding new gear in chests or from bosses.

There's a couple of bugs, notably when trying to pick up new weapons as the mage (at least in co-op), where the prompt doesn't show up, but it's not game-breaking.

It's a short game, and can be beaten in under an hour, but the levels are nicely designed and there's secrets to be found. Good for some mindless fun with a friend.

because its so gay


Excellent game for free!


dbblTS says

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Cool game, like the graphics, intro and gameplay. Allthough it doesn't quite add up to the 10 in rating. Absolutely recommend people to try it though!


Decent graphics, but very boring predictable gameplay. No variety in enemies, but good variety in dungeon tilesets, if a little random and stark contrast when it changes from one to the other.

Music is entertaining but sound effects are almost non-existant. The ones that exist are alright, but are a little bland.

Effects are cool but seem unfinished. Biggest gripe is the Deer's primary attack. It looks ok but has no effect when it hits. Sure the enemy bones flying away is cool but there is no feeling of an attack. It simply hits them and disappears.

It's a decent first start but can use some tweaking. It's all the little touches missing from this game that keep it from shining. The graphics are mostly there but the gameplay is lacking.

Could be better with a more fleshed out RPG system then simply leveling up, like adjusting stats or at least adding points to skills. The animations for attacking and moving are in drastic need for tweaking. The feet movement does not match speed, attacks look unnatural, when they turn they just pivot in place, etc.
An inventory system would be nice or at least more varied drops.

Oh, and the story is non-exitant but I don't judge it for that.


evertyime I try and play there are no
servers so i am unable to gife
a true score



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