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KUR is a fast-paced Retro FPS with a hint of comedy, inspired by the late 90's & Early 2000's. Kill, Boot, Blast and Laugh your way through each level as the story of KUR unfolds before you. Will you be the badass space mercenary you were born to be or will your story end more... tragically?

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KUR is finally out in Early Access now!

Swing by the steam page and get to killing those murder bots or just give us your soul a wishlist!

Horrible flesh-wearing robots have started to massacre the human colony on Mars and it’s up to you to stop them. It will be brutal. Devastating. Psychologically stimulating. Fight drones, spider robots made out of the skulls of their victims, rogue AI, and even more wacky enemies in this comedic take on the classic ‘90s shooter.

The tech is untested, but your Strength Augmented Boot is kickin’ and ready to slide, jump, and punt its way out of most situations. If that doesn’t get your totally real human blood pumping, there's always the impossibly large arsenal you carry with you (seriously where do you even keep all those guns?)

With old-school graphics and just enough blood ‘n’ guts to get your heart racing, you’ll work your way through over 20 handcrafted levels with a bumping metal dubstep soundtrack that will keep you running and gunning until you’ve killed every last one of the not-so-friendly hammer-wielding robots. Or at least until you get to the basketball court.


  • The Boot - kick, punt, and smash your way through waves of robotic evil.
  • Over 20 levels filled with secrets and '90s era humor across six unique environments.
  • Sci-fi arsenal filled with shotguns, akimbo pistols, Gatling lasers, a shrink ray, and so much more.
  • Fully voiced characters - there's nothing like a slimy corporate stooge telling you what to do.
  • Demonic robots that wear human flesh but just want hugs!
  • Bumping metal and electronica soundtrack, perfect for hunting rogue AI.
Mini Update #1

Mini Update #1

News 2 comments

Hey all! been a pretty busy week but I should have another devlog up by Saturday. In the meantime here are a few more concept pieces to enjoy most of...

Devlog #1

Devlog #1


With most of the gameplay mechanics already implemented I spent most of the day polishing levels, lightmapping, and optimizing / bug fixes! I've migrated...


Not a fan of Unity, but I really dig some of the aesthetics here! Following!

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