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You are a relic from the eugenics war, an enhanced human-cybernetic hybrid with the ability to regenerate your health, enhanced muscle mass for jumping and balance, the ability to take several bullets and...you can run forever. The government stopped using your class of cybersoldier after the 3rd corporate war, so you make money by being a mercenary. Your target has key evidence that would put away the cartel boss for life, is sue to testify in three days, and likely been the rat that got the lab busted to begin with. He fled hong kong for katmandu before he could be captured. you must assassinate him by any means. A game with multiple different ways to achieve obstacles!


This game focuses on Carlton Eaves, Katsu Kleiner and Isaac Preston. Katsu is a cybernetically enhanced ex-soldier, and Isaac is skilled traceur and chemist. Carlton Eaves is a Pharmacist, and has proven himself quite the snitch already. His trial is very soon, and he will most testify information that will incriminate and convict one of Isaac's cooks; Nnijah Stone. Isaac employs Kleiner's assistance to make sure that Eaves will not appear in court.

Kshatriya Wetwork v1.01
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