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Turn out the lights, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself. Explore the depths of the immersive, atmospheric world of Kraven Manor. Uncover its secrets, solve its mystical puzzles, and face the growing threat within. Kraven Manor challenges you to explore an expansive manor and discover the mysteries that lurk within its walls. You have the power to dynamically alter the layout out the manor by interacting with a miniature scale model of the manor, located in its extravagant entryway. You must explore the depths of the manor to find miniature models of rooms and carry them back to an increasingly elaborate scale model puzzle. Using these models, you dynamically build the manor around you. Whenever you adjust the models, the rooms move and appear in real space, awaiting your arrival. With each new room comes a new revelation of the troubling past of William Kraven. Face your fears and see if you have what it takes...the doors of Kraven Manor await you.

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The game was very well laid out and very eerie yet entertaining. The level design was pretty awesome, it really gave you that feeling of being in a creepy old mansion. Definitely very well developed and highly recommended to those who love mystery and horror!


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