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Koya Rift is an action-packed platform shooter that is built around circular gameplay; which emphasizes heavy replayability by feeding the player a stream of short term goals that don’t end. In Koya Rift, the player must enter a hostile planet and destroy an alien race so the planet can be colonized. Each round, the player is dropped off at the surface and must venture into procedurally generated caves, earning upgrades and buying units as he goes along. The difficulty adjusts precisely to the skill of the player over time, providing them with a consistent challenge.

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That's a fantastic game and the graphics is amazing and how it is randomly generated make it awesome :)


Not fun. Not innovative. Annoying.


Explosion of colors ! This games is verry verry nice when you are bored , buy it , you will not regret !

Its a brilliant game that can be hard to put down at times.
It's use of effects really does pays off and in some cases the game can look visually stunning for a 2D games. The music can be a bit repetitive but then what music cant be?


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