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Kitrinos was developed during Adventure Jam 2018 by Simon Says: Play! and Yazorius. It takes place in a retro geometrical world, that can remind of old movies and polygonal games. We mainly created it in 2 weeks. It is reminicent of such games such as Myst and Zork.

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Yazorius says

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Wonferful free game, short but so incredible well done ! Very nice graphics and challenging puzzles for a quality musical atmospheric mystlike. Highly recommended !


TIHfriend1 says

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The beginning is not very appealing (an old archaelogist is lost in a dark geometric world), but knowing ASA I didn't give up and I'm glad now. This game is free but very well done, with many animation cutscenes and a nice scifi story. Some puzzles are really hard so I used the walkthrough on the 3rd and last puzzles and could finish the rest of the game on my own, for a total of almost 3 hours. Very nice overall! Gameplay reminded me of Myst III (360 rotations), brought back great memories. Hope to see more like this from the same creators.

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