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The year is 618 AD and the Empire is a shadow of its former self, forced to rely heavily on auxiliary troops from nearby tribes. We follow Havoc, a young auxiliary officer in the service of Rome as he fights the enemies of the empire in the east and faces the darkness beyond. Havoc must travel far in his service to Rome, from the beautiful capital of Constantinople, to the deserts of Egypt and more. The game-play will have a series of missions for you to complete in your service to the Empire.


-RPG level progression.

-Historical weapons and armor to equip your party with.

-Voice overs at key story events.

-Sideview turn based battle system.

This was our very first game we made and our very first Kickstarter success.

Kingdom RPG is now being sold for $1 and will be the same for Steam.



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Well...the title says it all really, in just over a day Kingdom RPG has gotten more yes votes then any game I have ever had on Greenlight. Honestly I am VERY surprised by this...

This game beats "Kingdom Caligula" which was my biggest success, which has more custom char art, voice over, pixel art, music, newer engine and so on lol.

I have no idea what it is about this game that people like so much more, someone please tell me lol. I will say thank you of course to everyone that likes the game, however I will do even more since we have done so well. I will be doing a new content update for this game, adding in even more to love!

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