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Kingdom of Neandria is a free downloadable RPG made exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on the RPG Maker MV software.

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After hundreds of hours of labor, I am proud to announce the launch of 'Kingdom of Neandria' for the Nintendo Switch! The game is completely FREE to play and can be found using the RPG Maker MV Player app (via free download on the eShop) by searching the aforementioned name, or Game ID: 405.

Steps to Download 'Kingdom of Neandria':

1. Go to the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch and search for RPG Maker MV Player. Download it! (It's free!)

2. Open the RPG Maker MV Player software, then search for 'Kingdom of Neandria' or Game ID: 405.

3. Voila! The game is now on your Nintendo Switch!

Some of the media outlets in which 'Kingdom of Neandria' has been featured:

Brief article on the game and interview with the creator as featured on miketendo64.com: Miketendo64.com

Preview and video discussion by the creator, hosted by Mic Dooley's gaming channel:

First 15 minutes of gameplay by Generational Gamer (Be sure to let Generational Gamer know if you'd like to see more!):

First 50 minutes of gameplay by Miketendo64:

Game Synopsis:

The game starts with you, the player, waking up to your daughter (who is very ill) speaking a strange tongue in her sleep. The problem? Your daughter was born a mute. The following day, after conferring with a doctor from a nearby town and your father-in-law, you determine that magic may lie at the root of your daughter's condition. You decide that the next best course of action is to seek out the local witch doctor who lives in the woods nearby. The game includes a village, a forest, a mountain, a beach, surrounding plains around the village, and the game's first dungeon, as well as dozens of NPCs, lots of story, and a few sidequests.

Please give it a play through if anything that I've mentioned here even mildly perks your interest. I think you will not be disappointed!

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