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A 2D adventure game, where you help the little dude called Alfie journey through the lands ruined by monsters of unkown origin. Your goal is to confront the King of Wildlings, who stole your village's one and only precious artifact, the blue crystal!

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Hey, people of IndieDB! Our game, King of Wildlings is now on Steam Greenlight. Every upvote helps us out a lot, so if you like what you see, please head on over to the Greenlight page and click yes :)

We also launched a crowdfunding campaign over at IndieGoGo. If you enjoy what you see, and would like to help us further with development, then consider donating a few bucks!

Even if you have no money to spend, just sharing the page and spreading the word would help us out a bunch.

Well, instead of writing too much (which is not one of our strenghts), we'll leave you with the game's trailer and some gameplay gifs:

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