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[Important: The current art is temporary and is planned to be replaced]

When “You”, the main character, found “Success”, they were off with a great start; they worked together and helped each other out. Success would offer You powers to work around problems, and You would get them both out of trouble. It was the nicest of bond and companionship, you’d almost think it would never break.

But problems began when You started to brag about all the powers he has got, and how invincible he was. Annoyed by his outrageous attitude, Success finally decides to abandon You, and leaves him powerless and weak. You soon realizes his fault, and starts seeking Success one more time to seek redemption. But will he reach it??


“Keys to Success” is the exploration of the essential keys or principles of success and achievement through in-game puzzles and the personification and objectification of values. With the main idea being that one can only succeed by helping oneself not relying on someone’s work or efforts, thus cloning, "You" gets to encounter friends and enemies on his way to find Success.

Game History:

The game was originally developed for the Global Game Jam in January, 2015. It won Microsoft's "Best Game Award" during the jam, placed 1st place in Microsoft's National Finals in Egypt in the Games category and won all over categories to represent Egypt in the Pan Arab World Semi-Finals in Bahrain 2015, where it won the 3rd place.

The current game art is temporary and will be replaced. The game is planned to be released in mid 2016.

If you're interested, you can check out our game's development diary here ( 2024studios.blogspot.com ) and follow us for future updates! :)

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Hello everyone!

We're 2024 Studios and currently working on "Keys To Success" for a while now! And while at it, we are trying to find the creative and technical ways to making good games, and conveying them through the diary. We hope it comes in handy for someone somewhere :)

Feel free to check out the very first log here ( 2024studios.blogspot.com.eg ) and don't forget to give us your feedback :) You can also subscribe to the blog or follow us for more in the future!

Happy gamin'!

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