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Keen is a turn-based puzzle game for PC and consoles. Guide Kim, a grumpy little girl raised by her grandmother on a journey to stop an evil corporation from destroying her village. Fluid gameplay allow players to choose their own pace, whether fast as a hack'n'slash or methodic as chess. Keen is a game for the tactics player, for the puzzle fan, and for anyone that loves a solid, old-school adventure.

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Dec 25 2016 Anchor

Enemy types are very limited right now. I figured I'd take the opportunity to write out some ideas for consideration in case helpful.

1) Enemy that can move and/or attack diagonally.

2) Sleeping giant that only wakes up once damaged or the player passes within one space of him. Starts to move and attack as normal after woken up.

3) Exploding enemy that triggers a self destruction countdown once the player passes within one space of it. Automatically explodes if it makes contact with the player. Essentially a walking version of the landmine, likely on a shorter timer, perhaps even exploding on the next turn.

4) Enemy that can not be passed near without taking damage (an enemy that should always be avoided unless you can kill it in one attack).

5) Fencer that is immune to slash attacks.

6) Enemy that is immune to stomp damage.

7) Mechanical Ninja that has same move set and attacks as player character

8) Shield Wielder that has a shield that behaves as a wall, and is affected normally like a Zombie/Robot from other directions. The Shield Wielder points its shield the last orthogonal direction where the player character passed by or the last direction the Shield Wielder attacks towards. The shield would start facing any direction that made sense for the level setup. No matter which direction the Shield Wielder moves, the shield would continue facing the same orthogonal direction. The player character does not have the option to attack the Shield Wielder through its shield. Moving into the shield stops all movement, and does not activate a stomp attack. The Shield Wielder takes no stomp damage if it is through his shield.

9) Regenerating enemies, such as a robot that repairs itself. If not damaged on a turn, it restores 1 Health up to its maximum starting value.

10) Charging Bull that moves in straight path towards player character once alerted. Once the player character is within an uninterrupted straight line path to the Charging Bull, the Charging Bull activates its alert state. The Charging Bull would have a clear alert state, such as eyes that turn red and turning to face the player character. The next turn the Charging Bull moves in a straight line towards the player's previous direction until it collides with something. Colliding with the player character deals heavy damage. As long at the player is within an uninterrupted straight line path to the Charging Bull, then Charging Bull remains in its alert state. Colliding with a wall stuns Charging Bull for a turn, making it unable to move or attack, leaving it vulnerable to attack by the player. To ensure minimal technical issues and unplanned for collisions, Charging Bull would move before all other enemies on the enemy turn. Trying to attack the Charging Bull in its alert state would result in the player doing no attack and stopping as if moving into a wall. Depending on the design goal of Charging Bull, it can either remain idle until alerted or move one space towards the player each turn.

11) Ghost that can move through impassable terrain. Can't be attacked directly while in impassable terrain.

12) Enemy that visibly hides all spaces around it in darkness.

13) Enemy that leaves a damaging effect on the space where it is destroyed (similar to spawning a landmine there, but doesn't deal area damage). Alternatively, leaves a damaging effect on every tile it passes that lasts for several turns (such as a fire monster leaving a trail of fire behind it).

14) Enemy that spawns other enemies to adjacent spaces, but has no attack itself.

15) Fairy that disappears and heals the player character if it "attacks" them, but explodes and hurts the player if attacked.

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