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Katabasis is about enigma, exploration, and myth. It is about a father, a son, and ancient gods. The player possesses a father who has taken his estranged young son on a trip into the Russian wilderness. He must simply wander through wilderness environments and architectural spaces, while attempting to understand things that might not be understandable. This game was my senior thesis project to graduate with my degree in Game Art.

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I really Don't get it but Its kind of creepy and a little scary and interesting

I like it but it's hard to tell what stuff is because it's so dark.


I liked it, although it may have been a bit drawn out for a moment. Overall, I enjoyed the expeirence


id0 says

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Very cool! That's not a real game though, but a interactive story. There is no switches, enemies, or puzzles. Minus one point for graphic. Unity can show a very best picture.


Kingravel says

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I really enjoyed this experience! Technically it is very well done, gameplay-wise, there isn't much to do, but it has the same attraction on me like Dear Esther: I immerse myself fully into a strange and archaic world, feel the loneliness of these syberian woodlands and every step takes me further down - an Katabasis in every aspect. The mysterious temple ruins gave me the same kind of chills like reading H.P. Lovecraft: The titanic rooms and extremely long halls, the profound feeling of being a small and insignificant intruder in something strange and unhuman and very old, the bizarre statues - just everything is fascinating and makes me delve deep into this world. Ok, there is nothing I can actually "do" in this game, but there is much I can experience, if I can manage the slow pace and don't mind that there are no wild chases with monsters and other stuff. I found it very rewarding and can absolutely recommend Katabasis.


MaxCrackpot says

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It scared me and it didn't have any jumpscares. These are the kind of horror-games I love! However, at the beginning I had some difficulties with finding the right way.


Ennuyeux mais avec une fin originale.

its craap

Great game, but its it bit hard to play as there is nothing telling you what the controls are, and the running is a but of a pain as there is no way to see how much stamina you have which is not that big of a problem. Other than that it is a great game.


this is a horrible game

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I really Don't get it but Its kind of creepy and a little scary and interesting

Dec 11 2012 by Grimm1995