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Jumpworld? What is it?

Jumpworld is a run and jump platformer that is extremely rage inducing. The game is purely made to make the user rage. Gameplay is simple... You just jump over holes and lava in/on the floor. If you were to fall into the hole or lava, you will have to restart from the beginning of the level.

Each time you pass a level, things gets harder and harder. So this can make a game with 11 levels turn into a 5+ hour game. The game may seem small but with all the raging moments added in, you can end up doing the same thing for more than 5-15 times in a row.


DEMO Features:

  • Coins for points and cash
  • First 3 Levels
  • A Secret
  • Counters
  • Tutorial

Premium Features:

  • Coins that gives points and cash
  • Raging points
  • Themed Levels
  • 11 Levels
  • Counters (Points, Cash, Deaths, and Level)
  • Secrets
  • Load and Save your games
  • Tutorial
  • Character Customization (cheat)
  • Level Selector (cheat)
  • Cheat Codes
  • Language Support: English, French
    More Coming Soon

Buy the Game:

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Jump World DEMO

Jump World DEMO


This is the Demo version of jumpworld so many features such as character customizer, level selector are blocked and you can only play the first 3 levels...


This game is very challenging! It feels simple and generic but is so addicting for me since I am one of those guys who must complete any game I start. The action log at the bottom gets annoying from time to time but other than that its pretty decent. The demo is certainly worth downloading.

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